5D to 3D: A Shamanic Revisit of the Polarity of the Matrix

I AM in the Underworld. Shamanic journey. Not in training but doing what I have trained for.

Straddling the 2 realms of 5D & 3D.

Being the Guide for some. Being the bridge for others. Being present for still others.

Dreams with messages.

Music returns.

Intuition. Creativity. Forward movement.

Balanced by Uncertainty. Grief. Memories of the Past.

Observer Mode of aloof watchfulness with no judgment. Balanced by the feeling Human & all its sneaky unhealed woundings.

I knew 2023 would be my year to rise, but I did not realize it would be from these murky karmik depths.

I navigate the boat through the lessons of the Underworld & learn even more skills along the way.

I miss being on the Mountaintop. But my soul needs me to traverse the ShadowLands once more before I can return to my 5D/7D spiritual/music/woods inner sanctum.

And so, I respond to Duty.

The Foot Soldier on the Ground of this Leading Edge.

The Healer with Magik from the Quantum to share with Others.

The Leader stepping up to lead others to navigate their own Dark Night of the Soul through the Shadow work that awaits them on their Soul’s journey through evolution.

Back to the Surface I go, straddling yet another polarity of walking both the Shadow world & the Light. Simultaneously.


~ trish

📸 My Tree & Friends, Davis Bayou Campgrounds, Ocean Springs, MS, 01-13-2023

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