Joined a New Gym…. for the Massage Chairs

I joined this new gym for the massage chairs & the hydro-massage. 😁 Sure, I’ll eventually make it over to the weight machines, but I’m in no hurry.

As I focus on my healing — on all levels, I am resting as I bring back all parts of myself that belong to me & my highest timeline.

To do that, I am not following the typical “get healthy” 3D advice.

I need less tension, not more.

My nervous system needs less stress, not more.

My endocrine system needs less cortisol production, not more.

My survival mode needs fewer activations, not more.

My sense of worth/value needs less goal-making/judgment for external approval, not more.

So, my (early) New Year’s Resolution is FCK 3D BULLSHIT.

I’m just gonna do what is meaningful & pertinent to me, my journey, my continued success of healing, & thriving in all aspects of my life.

And I wish the same for you. 🤗🥰

~ trish
The SacredSex Shaman®️



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