R.I.P. Conall the Great Wolf ~ ‘Til We Meet Again

My heart is utterly broken. This pain is something I do not wish on anyone. I am devastated & lost without Conall. He was my fur-baby, but also my protector, my familiar, & singing buddy — he could sing on pitch with me. I took him everywhere I could, & he especially loved our journey to dog parks around the country.

I had gotten him approved as a service dog because he was so good helping other dogs — & of course, he helped me through some horrendous stuff since he came into my life January 2021. I knew he would make a great service dog in my coaching & retreat workshops, allowing survivors to feel safe as we worked on their healing.

I saw Conall in every aspect of my life & future work, from my music to my Tantrik/performing-arts/quantum/sound/healing center. There is no part of my life that I did not see Conall playing a huge part in it.

His sudden & horrifically painful death has been a shock to me & those who loved him.

Conall was an extraordinary dog, intuitive, & furry companion.

R.I.P. my baby Conall. I love you. Come back to me soon.



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