Ascension: Divine Masculines’ Bindings Are Released

* Reading & channeling of the Messengers of Light (MOL) with my friend Renée from 11-15-21, a follow-up from the previous reading about the Divine Feminines’ Activations that happened last week. This has been an ongoing conversation for a few weeks as events in the matrix have developed; but this conversation on 11-15-2021 perfectly sums up what is going on with men & those who carry a predominant masculine energy at this time. There are 2 events Thanksgiving week that are contributing to the chaos affecting all of us, but especially men. More on that in another post. ~ trish *

MOL: What we see is…. It looks as if there are straps made of some dark steel, binding them to the Earth, holding them in place. They are not chains, but they are strapped – their entire bodies. Now, we do not see anything holding the straps down. If they understood that they were there, they could simply roll & remove these straps. But for some reason, these straps are on many Masculines at this time. Many. Many. Because they are inside what is holding them to this Old Earth.

TRISH: Yeah. Is this part of what’s being shaken up Thanksgiving Week? Besides from the Divine Feminine frequency going up?

MOL: We believe this is part of it.

TRISH: Is this similar to the bindings that Paula had seen?

MOL: It is a binding, yes. But it is one that can be unbound if they but turned & took off the bindings. There is not another holding them down. The chains are released. There is nothing there.

TRISH: But they have to do it? As in, I can’t do it for him?

MOL: They have to remove it, but no one is saying you couldn’t tell them to look & remove it…. It is almost as if they do not notice they are bound.

It is a noticing, or an awareness, that will help release this endless cycle. They believe they are caught. Most men believe they are caught & they cannot find their way out. And while the Divine Feminines have been crying for centuries because they were not released, they must understand that the Divine Masculine became a beast of burden, & they have the chains & the scars to prove it. It is these straps holding them down that they could remove but no longer even feel these scars or these chains. They simply acknowledge them; & as they acknowledge them, they are present.

It is like someone who has been kept in a cave for most of their life. It is not as simple as saying, “Look! Follow the light out of the cave.” They cannot see it. Their eyes are not adjusted. It hurts them. They shy away from the light because it hurts; & it physically hurts. They have developed other skills which help them function in the environment they have been forced to endure. This is what is occurring on this planet at this time.

The Divine Masculine has been warped as a beast of burden, developed great skill & strength, fortitude. And it drives many crazy at times. And they fight against it, but this only gives deeper scars. But some cannot come to the realization, even though you dance under the straps holding them down & show them that they could simply come out from underneath. They cannot conceive of what life would be like because they have had to function in such a way as to survive.

And so, when the Divine Feminine comes in all her glory, she shall first have to meet the Divine Masculine as a compassionate healer & be patient. Not as one-on-one. This is why so many have come to this planet at this time. Because when both of these come together in all their majesty without the straps & without the sublimation as they have been under, the creative force of humanity will simply be amazing.

There are those coming from all universes, from all constellations, from all over the Galactic Federation to witness this type of merging. It is not just “Ascension”, it is “Acclimation & Rebirth”. And all while still being in physical form – shall be truly amazing.

TRISH: So then we get brownie points for doing this, right? ‘Cuz it’s hard.

MOL: Yes, dear.

trish & Renée


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