ASCENSION: Divine Feminine Activations Nov. 15-21, 2021

~ As I mentioned previously in my group, “Trish’s Tribe”, the Divine Feminine Collective is getting major activations this week as is Gaia — or because Gaia is getting activations, we are, too. The Divine Masculine Collective will get some triggering, with important dates, Thanksgiving week. Here’s the info from the Messengers of Light, a conversation channeled with my friend, Renée. ~ trish

TRISH: And so, the upgrades or activations for the Divine Feminines that we’re getting [November 15-21, 2021] – can you describe some of that? Or is there more information on that at this point?

MOL: It will be felt in the circulatory system most: heart pounding, blood surging, possible flashes of warmth or chills, moments of disorientation, vivid memories of times before times, unwieldy emotional lapses. For example, you’re strolling down the street, you see a beautiful tree, & you burst suddenly into tears. Not knowing why, it is just so lovely.

This Divine Feminine will not be born immediately. It will be impregnated, & you all have about 9 months in which to deal with the changes that are occurring as you are literally born into the Femininity that will overwhelm this planet & bring it great joy. But you must know the Divine Masculine also needs the 9 months to learn how to deal with it.

TRISH: Is this a literal 9 months? Because, counting on my fingers, that 9 months is going to put us at Lion’s Gate next year (2022).

MOL: It is 9 months, dear.

TRISH: Thank you. Wow. Lion’s Gate – that’s always a doozy.

MOL: There may be a few who have premature births. But not many, & they will not have it easy. The few public figures who will birth this Divine Feminine on this planet will be remembered as it will not go well for them. We see 2 or 3, & there are tragic events surrounding these particular women. But they have agreed to this as they are allowing the shift to occur. These 3 will occur beginning months 6 or 7 or 8. They are not all in this particular country. They are around this planet. One of these was not born feminine, but has agreed to incorporate this pregnancy of the Divine Feminine. This will turn heads for sure. But an example will be made of this one, also.

TRISH: So, when you say “birthing of the Divine Feminine” or “birthing of the Femininity” in 9 months, which is around Lion’s Gate, & 1 of them’s “not born feminine”, what exactly is happening? What exactly is going to – we’ve had the 1960’s & the Women’s Movement. And some of that went well, & some of it did not. And so, what is this birth of the Femininity that’s going to take place?

MOL: It is something this planet has not seen in millennia. True Divine Feminine is a force to be reckoned with. There are mythologies that have the Maiden, the Woman, & the Crone…. Death is an aspect of Divine Femininity, but so is Birth & Creativity. But it is the emotional connection with this planet which is the – excuse the expression – cross upon which they will be crucified. We do not mean it literally, but definitely, they will spark a movement.

What is occurring cannot be expressed at this time because you do not know. Femininity is a force in & of itself. It is not human, per se, as Masculinity is not human, per se.

When we speak of Masculinity & Femininity, we are talking about what you might recognize as an archetype. But it is also a force & an energy, & it is something that, for a visual image, would be like a light-switch turning on for the planet. She is not just the human being – Femininity – that will be aroused at this time. It is all life on this planet & below – this planet herself being activated, turned “on”. The immense desire to protect & defend & love & connect with family & be passionate & heal & be creative – this archetypal Femininity, this balance which has not occurred for the past millennia, which has been missing, will affect men also, who will be horribly confused.

And yet, it is also the female divinity that would – without the batting of an eye, like a bear protecting her cubs – wipe away those who would damage her offspring. And it will be that part that many men will be able to accept & understand. As long as that is fierce, “Well, then,” says the man, “I can deal with that.” But in so doing, would be accepting the softer, more tender side.

TRISH: Okay. Thank you.

MOL: There are women on this planet who, when activated in this way, will also be quite confused because they have been acting in a masculine format for protective purposes in order to survive.

TRISH: (raises hand) Right here. Thank you.

MOL: This shifting of divinity imbuing them will be almost disabling at moments as most who have been in the masculine will feel as if they have suddenly been betrayed by their own emotions because they now feel weak, because they do not want to go out & fight, because “can’t we all just get along, & sit still, & bake, & make cookies?”

But they’re looking at it in the wrong way. They are not understanding that they have suddenly become balanced & must rearrange how they function. If they are going to incorporate this new part of themselves & then realign with this, what was previously an amazing world you live on, but when this planet is activated, she becomes a powerhouse. She is the lioness who will protect her humanity & will become fierce for those who are not sensitive to balance & justice.

As you move into the 5D – 4D, 5D, 6D, these terms that agonize us – as you evolve into a lighter, brighter, loving existence, when you begin to see the connection between all things. This is primarily what we are speaking.

All of humanity & the planet will be affected by the Divine Feminine. And this planet will become more powerful & more in tune with the inhabitants thereon. It will bring those who are male & those who are female closer together as they will each have an other aspect inside of them with which to draw upon in order to understand the other. Mother Earth will never again allow herself to have her frequencies knocked down. This she has made clear.

TRISH: Yay, Gaia! Thank you.

~ trish & Renée ~


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