10-10: Upleveling in All Areas of Life

Saturn is direct. The lessons from the Old Guard should have been learned so we can see where the old systems no longer work or no longer benefit us — if they ever did.

10 is the number of the uplevel — the completion of one journey & the segue into the next. 2 is the number for union, partnership, balance, & choices.

Seeing 10-10 (10 2 times) is offering you the chance to uplevel unto better relationships, better choices, more calm in all areas of your life, work, & purpose.

We are all awakening still, & no one has all the answers. Each of us is finding our place in the new world of New Earth, living from a love-based frequency instead of fear.

As the collective 3D timeline continues to spew fear, division, hatred, greed, & lack, those of us who choose the collective 5D timeline will continue to create love, harmony, joy, happiness, peace, artistic endeavors, & services for humanity.

11-11, here we come!



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