Happy Navrātri 2021!

Copyright 2021 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved.

Navrātri means “nine nights” & is a 9-night festival celebrated all over India to honor the goddess aspects of Durgā & the triumph of good over evil. These are timely topics as we see the Divine Feminine becoming more prominent in the awakening consciousness of society on the journey from a fear-based 3D to a love-based 5D reality.

The celebrations of Navrātri vary by region, but they all pay homage to different aspects of the Durgā each night. This also correlates to the story of how Goddess Durgā battled the demon Mahiṣāsura for 9 days in order to restore dharma: the good, just guidelines for living in harmony within society.

On the 10th day, Durgā defeated Mahiṣāsura, allowing good to prevail. This is celebrated as Vijayadaśamī, a.k.a. Dussehra, & the main theme is the victory of good over evil. 

During the festival, statues of Durgā, Lakśmi, Gaṇeśa, Kārttikeya, & Saraswatī are installed, dressed, & honored. Some devotées fast, while others eat sweets. All celebrate the power & goodness of these amazing Divine Feminine goddess aspects of the Durgā.

9 cheers for Goddess power & good winning over evil! 🥳

Āuṁ. 🙏🏻

SacredSex Shaman


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