FULL MOON & CHANNELED INFO: Why We Do NOT Do Releasing Magik on the Full Moon

If you have known me for any length of time, you know my Witchy sensibilities balk loudly whenever I hear of people doing “releasing” magik on the Full Moon.

A lifelong pagan-witch, I had NEVER heard of this until a few years ago, when I stepped onto this Ascension path, which has lots & lots of people who are into astrology.

I’ve dabbled in astrology before, but I was too busy doing lots of other witchy/Earth-based things — herbs, gardening, tarot, numerology, making candles & oils & tonics, embroidery, sewing, cooking, natural medicine, spells & magik, researching my ancestors history, etc. I was wayyyyy too busy to worry about learning astrology in depth.

Also, living on the Gulf Coast, which has a beach/coastline, many rivers, marshes, & wetlands, I have spent most of my life seeing the “gravitational pull” of the Full Moon, the recession of the waters during the Waning Moon, outward to their furthest distance, then begin coming forward again only after the stillness of the New Moon. These cycles are not just monthly, but daily — visible with the low tide & the high tide. Visible to those with eyes open, that is.

Think of the Full Moon like Thanksgiving dinner. You’ve spent 3 days cooking, the table is set, everyone sits down to this glorious banquet of the fruition of the harvest, & instead of sitting down, you say, “Welp, gotta go!”

Does this make any sense?! No.

The Full Moon is about gratitude! Being grateful for all that you have, grateful for everything you have manifested since you made intentions for new blessings at the New Moon. So a “Full Moon Ritual” could be as simple as going out under the Full Moon & saying, “THANK YOUUUUUU!” a few dozen times.

I didn’t get my witchy knowledge from Google. Or from a computer program. I got my knowledge of the cycles of the Moon from actually being in touch with the Earth & paying attention to Mother Nature.

On 09-08-2021, in a session of channeling I’m doing with a friend, I asked the Guides about my Tantrik-quantum healing center I want to build. It will have a huge garden, utilizing crop rotation, companion planting, & other natural methods, including planting & harvesting by the Moon cycles as all indigenous cultures & smart farmers do.

(NOTE: During these channelings, I get constant feedback from my Higher Self & my personal Spirit Guides of the veracity of the information coming through.)

So, when speaking to the Guides on 09-08-2021, I asked this:

TC: Let me ask you one thing before we wrap this up. I am confused by people who are into astrology who do releasing magik on the Full Moon. It annoys me. They get it completely wrong. The Full Moon is about fullness, fruition. Releasing magik should be done on the Waning Moon. What do you want to release on the Full Moon? Nothing! Because it’s about fullness. But that’s how I’ve always seen it. So I would like clarity on the cycles of the Moon & what kind of magik is done on the different cycles.

GUIDES: We would let you know it is an energy exchange – this blessing of energy or intention, of freedom to grow & to be better – that infuses the tiny seeds, giving permission to be the best form that they can be. And it is through the same thing that pulls the tides with the fullness of the Moon that blesses these seeds.

You are correct. Whether you say the word magik or blessing or energy or Source or nutrients or Earth Mother or healthy, the terminology matters not. It is the energy on this planet at this time with these leylines…. The tribal peoples of the past millennia all understood this & practiced this quietly with no information coming from those who pretend to know or write books of knowing.

If the life depends on it, then the life pays attention. It is this reason that you have been the shamanic one, the guide, the elder, the healer, & the seer in past lifetimes. It is this information handed down which keeps the planet cleansed. This is why you feel the purpose that you do. These farms will be necessary after the change.

TC: So for releasing…

GUIDES: The Eve of The Dark Moon is when the releasing occurs. Once the Dark Moon is upon you, you are in the beginning of the growing to Fullness.

TC: Would you agree that releasing can be done on the Waning Moon?

GUIDES: Yes. Not the Full Moon.

TC: I’ve said this ’til I’m blue in the face & people still argue with me: “I don’t care what your little computer program says about the alignment of the Sun & the Moon.” From the position of being here on the Earth, this is what happens – this is the effect of the Moon on the Earth.

GUIDES: It may be that an advertisement for your facility is complete by having one small field where you use & employ their methods of planting. And then next to it, in very similar soil, you bless your seeds & you plant at your timing; & then there should be no argument for it shall be visible to all. The garden speaks.


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  1. This is true about the full moon! And manifesting! You don’t have to do anything but meditate but know exactly what you want and let it expand! I enjoyed this full moon! Journal out the manifestation out meditate on it, detach from the outcome and it will happen! Thank you for this!!