Lion’s Gate Extra Manifestation Portal August 11-14, 2021

August 11th

Lion’s Gate has been an amazing journey this year with the seemingly endless stream of downloads & activations. But it’s not over yet! Another Lion’s Gate portal for manifesting is opening on August 11 & staying open until August 14th.

An understatement, to be sure, but August 11th is a busy day!

Jupiter goes direct.

The planet of abundance, big dreams, & career is moving forward, taking with it everything you’ve learned about yourself & what you want to do with your life & business. Not just now or this year, but for the rest of your life!

Mercury in fiery Leo.

Communication heats up as you are encouraged to speak your truth, admit what your passionate about, & be bold in honoring your truth.

Uranus goes Retrograde.

The planet of the New Guard, freedom, & forward thinking is taking time for introspection. What changes have you made that have worked? What changes can you make for your highest good? Uranus Retrograde is a wake-up call & an Ascension review, or, as I like to call it, “Revolution becomes evolution.”

Moon in Venus

Your deep emotional center wants to be bathed in the lush comfort brought by the goddess of love, beauty, & money. You can call all these into your life, especially with the surrounding energies mentioned above.

The overall message is clear: Dream BIG, people. Create your biggest & best life! No fear, only following your heart & your passions.



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