Lion’s Gate, New Moon, & Lughnasadh: A Powerful Trifecta of Energy

New Moon in Leo

New Moons are all about New Beginnings, planting new seeds or reaffirming seeds you’ve already initiated & giving them an extra boost of intention & energy of what you want to manifest or create in the physical.

Leo is a fire sign & encourages you to follow your passions, do what makes you happy, know your worth, be fearless as fuck, pursue all your goals & dreams, & live your life “as if” it’s already yours because you deserve it.

Let the world hear your RAWRRRR!


Lughnasadh is a fire festival on the New Moon (a.k.a. Dark Moon) that goes back thousands & thousands of years in Ireland, Scotland, & the Isle of Man. Lugh is a Sun God, perhaps best known as the god who saved the first crops, a.k.a. the “first fruits”, from the blight, which was anthropomorphized as a mean god wanting to hurt the people.

Celebrating Lugh usually involves athletic games, feats of strength & stamina, & events such as running up hills & mountains. Metaphorically, this is all about acknowledging your strength to overcoming obstacles as well as harvesting the first round of all the good stuff you wanted to manifest, knowing this is just the beginning, & that there is more good stuff growing which you will be able to harvest very soon.

Lughnasadh occurs on the second New Moon after the Summer Solstice — NOT on August 1st. I wish pagans, witches, wiccans, Neo-Pagans, Neo-Druids, etc., would rub two brain cells together to realize that our ancient indigenous festivals in Ireland, Scotland, & the Isles predate the church’s Gregorian calendar. (Duh.) Please see my previous post about why Bealtaine occurs on the second New Moon after Spring Equinox NOT on May 1st.

The purpose of these important fire festivals being on the New Moon/Dark Moon is to show the relevance of the associated gods, goddesses, or events being the fire/light in the darkness. This had much more significance millennia ago when there was no electricity as we have it today.

Lion’s Gate

Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal that happens on August 8th — 8-8. You may have seen recurring number synchronicities of 8, which represents infinity, karma, justice, abundance, & being open to receive. August 8th tends to be the peak of the alignment of the Sirius sun with our galactic center & the great pyramids in Egypt, which are were created in the alignment of Orion’s belt.

There is much information you can find on the internet about this so I’ll keep this brief. But if you have seen my previous post about the energies right now or if you have felt the energies right now, you know this is a powerful moment of upgrades, activations, & downloads, especially for financial abundance & getting clarity on your life purpose & your next steps forward.

Continue to divest yourself of the lower 3D habits, routines, & vibrations that do not serve you. This is a truly powerful time.



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