Lion’s Gate 2021: Inner Child Wounding Release

I consciously release

all the SHAME

I was made to shoulder as a child,

all the BLAME

I was made to absorb,

all the GUILT

forced upon me by the guilty,

guilt forced upon me

due to other people’s judgments.

I release the feelings of lack, scarcity, & insecurity.

I release the fear of abandonment & rejection.

I experienced it all, & now I release it all.

I release it all.

I let it all go.

I release myself from taking on burdens

not mine to carry.

I release my parents from my rage

because they didn’t know better

because they were conditioned

to treat a child that way:

physical abuse, mental, emotional, psychological abuse.

I release the neighbor down the street

for the years of sexual abuse.

She must have been abused as well

if she was doing that to me.

I forgive my parents for doing

a really shit job of parenting.

I forgive my grandparents

for teaching my parents to be shit parents.

The generations of shit parenting


I tried to be the antithesis parent,

& somehow failed.

So I forgive myself for subconsciously

taking those wounded patterns &

passing them on to my own child.

I was/am a shit parent, too.


We ALL fucked up

because that’s what the

3D fear-based mind-fuckery

has been all about.

Fucking us up in our

young, impressionable minds &

our sensitive, empathic hearts,

to keep us stuck in emotional cages

that were never ours.

I am grateful that I am on my path of healing,

which includes releasing

the shame, the blame, the guilt,

the judgment, the lack, the scarcity,

the insecurity, the anxiety, the rage, the fear,

so much fear,

years of fear —

fear in the moment,

fear of it never ending,

fear of becoming like them.

I release it all.


pain & mind-fuckery

to be transmuted to a higher form of light.

I am done with this shit

once & for fucking all.

So mote it be, & so it is.

~ trish


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