SACRAL/WOMB HEALING Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Sex is normal & beautiful. But for most of us, assault has tarnished how we think of ourselves, our bodies, & people, in general. We have experienced sexual trauma in many, many lifetimes, not just this one.

“Sexual harvesting” has led to wounding of our sacral cakra, which is our center of pleasure, creativity, & sexuality.

And not just artistic creativity. Any area of your life that you are creative, especially in your business. A wounded or blocked sacral cakra can be devastating for your business.

The sacral also stores trapped traumatic events, a.k.a., in the “pain body”. This can manifest as reproductive issues or excess belly fat that just won’t come off with diet or exercise.

As the home of the uterus & ovaries, women experience constant cycling of physical & emotional experiences in the sacral area. Menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriages, & abortions can all dramatically affect the sacral cakra with a range of emotions from annoyance to shame to guilt.

Lingering ancestral wounds regarding femininity, being a woman in a misogynistic culture, the Witch Wound of persecution, & the Prostitute Archetype of the monetization of sexuality or financial destitution can all be held unnecessarily in the sacral cakra.

It’s time to heal your sacral & let go of the pain, blame, shame, guilt, & dread that has been accumulating for lifetimes.

Men as well as women benefit from this kind of deep healing work.

🔥 FRIDAY 8 p.m. Sacral Cakra/Womb Healing & Shamanic Journeying to help clear the pain body, heal traumatic experiences, rejoin your sexual energy, & boost creativity.

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