Twin Flames: Shaman’s Shadow Walk Through Old Wounds & Suicidal Thoughts

I had an intense feeling of failure energy yesterday.

Yesterday, July 20th, I realized I was exactly four years to the day from July 20, 2017, when I quite literally had to leave everything I know to get on my true path, my path as a Twin Flame here in the physical.

I didn’t realize in 2017 that this is the true shaman’s path also, of going deep into the pain & the uncertainty in order to do the true healing.

I have said time & time again you cannot bypass true healing. True, deep healing sucks. It hurts because it brings up all of the old hurts that have been numbed, covered up, & ignored.

I’m currently coming out of a recent Shadow Walk. I’ve had some truly incredible revelations about the Twin Flame journey, & I am more committed than I’ve ever been to this journey which started for me in March 2017 when my Divine Masculine found me in the physical.

The failure energy I felt recently is part of this path of healing the Shadows. I do consider myself a Shadow Healer — my work isn’t all rainbows & orgasms.

I’m not afraid to confront my Shadows: my wounds, my old selves, because, in fact, they are my teachers. As I work with my Shadows & love my Shadows, they teach me the process that I need for healing; & that leads me further onto my true path for which I incarnated this lifetime.

I had a very deep Dark Night of the Soul the night before last. Chiron Retrograde is adamantly bringing up the old wounds for review & healing. And this was no joke. I was brought back to 2017 when I was homeless in Los Angeles & suicidal to the point of wishing I could find a cyanide pill somewhere. Those 3 months were truly the darkest days of my current life. (I will talk more about this later.)

While I was in my Dark Night of the Soul the night before last, I did not sink back down into the 3D gut-wrenching woundings of 2017. I was able to observe this current awful, uncomfortable experience from the 5D & even the 7D & 9D perspectives — the process of the witnesser witnessing the process of the witness witnessing the process of living, being, healing here, now.

We are all here in this lifetime at this now moment for a reason. You’re not here by accident or by mistake. You’re here to do your work.

So, if you still have your head up your ass, it’s time you got to work.

Do your healing. And if you need help, reach out to work with me.

Especially Twin Flames. We MUST get it right this lifetime.

Love you,


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