Chiron Retrograde: The Wounded Healer Brings Old Wounds to the Surface

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is now Retrograde & will remain so until Winter Solstice. Get ready for old shit to resurface like never before.

The next several months are a great time to finally deal with past issues, situations, & patterns that are holding you back. In particular, as the “wounded” healer, Chiron in Retrograde is begging you to address old traumas once & for all — address & heal the old woundings that influence all other woundings you’ve experienced.

It’s time to clear your ancestral karma, generational woundings, & past lives’ chaos. It’s time to heal this lifetime’s drama & wounds that are still plaguing you, still sabotaging you from moving forward on all levels.

You did not incarnate in this lifetime to sit on the sidelines or bypass the painful stuff. You are here to face it head-on & heal your wounds for good.

And you can’t pretend to have it all together forever. These wounds are kind of demanding to be healed this time around.

If you need help with this, please message me about a session.

Love you,



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