Chiron Retrograde: Current Energies Bring 2017 Back for Review

Time is a spiral, not a linear track.

Our experiences occur in cycles, not one after the other. This is why we have recurring ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, graduating from one level of school to the next level of school, working similar dead-end jobs, choosing the same kind of toxic relationships, going back to the same toxic addiction(s), et cetera.

We will continue to revisit in a cyclical nature everything that is blocking or hindering our evolution as a soul in the physical.

Thanks to Chiron Retrograde, we are re-experiencing 2017.

Think back to where you were in 2017: what you were doing, what job you had, what relationship you were in, what your finances were like, what your family & co-worker relationships were like in 2017.

Whatever woundings or hardships were present in 2017, you’re very likely revisiting those experiences, emotions, triggers, unhealed wounds, & memories that pop up out of nowhere. Whatever healing you did *not* do back in 2017, now is the time to do it. (Not even kidding.)

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is Retrograde through Winter Solstice, so you have the rest of this year to truly, once-&-for-all deal with & move past whatever you were going through in 2017.

Incredibly potent energy is coming in right now. Not just for Lion’s Gate, not just for Samhain, or the 11:11 or 12:12 gateways. This is all leading up to an energetic culmination happening with Winter Solstice 2021, complete with epiphanies, upgrades, & activations to rock your world. This is a culmination of inner work that leads to healing for innumerable past lives, levels, & dimensions.

Six planets are retrograde right now, so to say it’s time to review some past choices & experiences is an understatement.

With Chiron Retrograde & Neptune Retrograde, you’re being asked to look where you’ve been hurt or wounded in relationships, where you felt unloved, where have you felt unclear about your life purpose or been unclear in your relationships.

Chiron in retrograde with Jupiter in retrograde is asking you to review where you have felt wounded or hurt in your career or vocation, or where you have felt hindered, blocked, or held back from promotions in your job or manifesting the money you want to live the life you want.

Chiron in retrograde with Saturn in retrograde is asking you to look at where the old system has inflicted pain in order to maintain the old institutions & the old systems’ oppression. Also, where have you been complicit?

You are being asked to take stock of your past & how it is still influencing your present — with particular attention to what was happening in 2017.

The potential for immense growth for yourself on your journey cannot be understated. But you do have to do the inner work, & that’s usually pretty messy. You are intentionally dismantling every protective structure placed upon you by others or constructed by yourself to shield & protect you from the pain of remembering, acknowledging, addressing, & feeling your deepest wounds.

Chiron Retrograde is inviting you to utilize this time to do the deep work. However messy & unpleasant that is, you will be so much better off for it.

As always, I am available to assist & guide you on this transformative journey.

Love you,



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