Venus-Mars Conjunction in Leo — Love & Passion Are in the Air

The Venus-Mars Conjunction in Leo is powerful today! Started last night. Will be throwing energy tomorrow, too.

Venus, the goddess of love, relationships, sensuality, & beauty is in a conjunction (union) with Mars, the god of action, decisiveness, passion, desires, & assertiveness. In Leo, no less! Leo is the sign of sexy passion!

So, if you’re feeling all kinds of tingles where the Sun don’t shine, this is probably why!

Tonight is a fantastic time to put some good mojo out to the Universe for happy, healthy relationships.

I’ve been having some wild Kuṇḍalinī activity in my tailbone & up my spine for several days. Having it now, in fact. So amazing as I feel Śakti unlocking & zinging up my nādīs.

And lots of yummy thoughts of my Divine Masculine. Oo, la la! 🍌🌷

Today, truly has been a magikal day of synchronicities for events & projects I’m planning. I’m still exhausted, but I know I’m on the right path.

Have YOU felt this lovey-dovey, passionate energy today?



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