TANTRIK UNION – 9-week Course to Expansion Through Pleasure

🔥 TANTRIK UNION 🔱 by Trish Causey
Expansion Through Pleasure
Solo or Partnered Transformation

🎉 Join me for this 9-week course in true Tantrik intimacy theory & application!

BEGINS JULY 6, 2021.

Great as a solo practice for Individuals or partnered for Couples/Poly.

Every week, you will learn Tantrik techniques, “postures”, & wisdom to enhance your sensual play with yourself &/or your partner.

Straight from ancient Tantrik writings, you’ll learn textual how-to’s to fire-up your sexual journey.

Each class will have sexual instruction, text references, a corresponding Indian deity for more information, & a mantra — or “seed” sound — to support your homework that week.

Week 1 – Sacred Tantrik Union

  • What Tantra is, what Tantra is NOT, & how true Tantra is the best path for your relationship.
  • Understanding the “sacred” part of “Sacred Sexuality”, a.k.a. SacredSex.
  • Tantrik Sex 101.

Week 2 – Embodying Union

  • You can “know” lots of stuff, but if it’s not embodied, you don’t really know it.
  • Sexual anatomy & physiology.
  • Sacred sensual dance (solo & partnered).
  • True meaning of yoga — that you can’t find in any Western “yoga studio”.

Week 3 – Kundalini

  • What Kundalini actually is.
  • How to avoid “Kundalini Syndrome”.
  • “Sexercises” to awaken & tame the fire power of arousal.

Week 4 – Tantra of Sound

  • Intro to Sanskrit (sounds & script, don’t have to memorize anything).
  • Sounds for amplifying sexual energy.
  • Sounds to heal & clear cakras.

Week 5 – Puja

  • Honor, serve, shine.
  • Tantrik rituals for purification & blessing.
  • Tantrik practices for enhancing pleasure.
  • Tantrik (sex) rituals for enhancing the overall experience.

Week 6 – Sacred Space

  • Creating the perfect Tantrik lovemaking nest.
  • Emotional Space — true, deep connection preparation.
  • Sensual Space — pleasure preparation.

Week 7 – Her

  • Honoring, understanding, & healing the Feminine.
  • Touching her entire body (inside & out) with passionate reverence.
  • Relaxing into endless pleasure.

Week 8 – Him

  • Honoring, understanding, & healing the Masculine.
  • Embracing his body (inside & out) & stoking his fires for hours.
  • Easy how-to’s for extending pleasure — even without an erection!

Week 9 – Putting It All Together

  • “Must Have’s” for Tantrik rituals — if you don’t have these, you’re NOT doing Tantra. Period.
  • Even more intimacy & sex tips!
  • Daily “sexercises” to keep the embers burning between Tantrik Union pujas.

🔱 Unlimited support in my exclusive private group.

🔱 Writing prompts to expand your awareness & learning further.

🔱 Fun (sexy) homework. 😄

🔱 9 people max.


🥇 $555. Or $777 after.

🥇 $777. Or $1,111 after.

Message for payment arrangement options!

❓ Need to use a credit card? Use PayPal or PayPal Buyer’s Credit.

👉 All Sales Final. 💥

🎉 BONUS! 🎊

Because this work ties in with my O-training program, AWESOM-Basic, if you sign up for TANTRIK UNION, get AWESOM-Basic for 🥇 $555 (reg. $1,111).

Ask me how to get this amazing bonus goody!

Can’t wait to see you in my exclusive TANTRIK UNION sacred circle!



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