Sexual Trauma Is Being Released

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Sexual trauma is being purged individually as well as collectively. With all the other past-life & this-life issues being purged at this time, how can sexual trauma not be as well?

Remember that the physical body is your vehicle — your body transports your soul/essence here in the physical. Therefore, the body alerts you to various issues through physicality, through physical sensation & responses.

If you feel your genitals suddenly getting “hot & bothered” (as I did at 5 a.m.), instead of assuming sexual attraction or arousal, delve deeper & inquire, “Is this sexual energy of the past being released? Is this sexual trauma of the past being purged? Or is this actually sexual arousal I’m feeling?”

Your body can only give you the physical indicator. It is up to you, your awareness, your perspective to give the sensation meaning.

When sexual trauma is purging, a myriad of responses can emerge: anger, anxiety, depression, obsession compulsion, avoidance, to name a few. Any one or a combination of these responses is normal for the physical & energetic bodies releasing pain.

Pain is stored in the pelvic area physically & in the sacral & root cakras, energetically. The pelvic region supports the weight of our upper body & coordinates the movement of the lower body. The root cakra is our center for safety, & the sacral is our center for sexuality & creativity. And the pelvic area is how women give birth to the next generation. The pelvic center of our body is rarely appreciated for all the work & support it gives us.

There is no right or wrong way to process the traumatic events being released. But there are ways to manage the trauma coming up for healing that are highly beneficial for the person releasing it.

The healing helps not only the individual with their traumas but also helps them in their interactions with those around them, their family, friends, & co-workers who can be adversely affected during their dysregulated outbursts or reactions to unexpected trauma release.

Go on easy on yourself at this time. Rest. Hydrate. We have many lifetimes of abuse to be purged & healed for good. And we can’t do it all at once. 🙏🏻


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