New Moon in Gemini with Ring of Fire Partial Solar Eclipse 2021

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The New Moon’s Partial Solar Eclipse tomorrow emphasizes the North Node, which is about your destiny — your big work this lifetime.

The “cosmic reset” that is currently happening is highlighting this for a lot of people. This is one reason so many people are fed up with the lives they’ve been living until this point. We incarnated this lifetime for a reason, & it wasn’t to work as slaves to service-to-self capitalism or industries that abuse people & Mother Earth.

Find the sign for the North Node in your natal chart, & that is what’s highlighted for you at this time. Get in tune with your destiny.

For instance, my North Node is in Capricorn, which means, for me, this cosmic reset is all about my life’s work — which has changed slightly from what I always thought it was.

The seeds we plant with our intentions for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse aren’t just for the next 6 months — they’re seeds for our destined Great Work, which we will carry out for the rest of this lifetime.

Where is your North Node? What is your destiny? What is your Great Work this lifetime?



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