TWIN FLAMES: Potent Sexual Energy & Dreaming of My Divine Masculine’s Family

Copyright 2021 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved.

The number 313 has been showing up for a while. So it’s interesting that I would dream about my Divine Masculine’s family in the wee hours of March 13th. Tomorrow being March 14th, marking 4 years since my DM & I first talked in the physical this lifetime (03-14-2017).

Because of the powerful 3-12 energy portal & the 3-13 Pisces New Moon, I did a Twin Flame union meditation last night, starting quite coincidentally at 11:11 p.m. (No, I did not plan that.).

As soon as the actual meditation started, well…. I fell asleep. This happens nearly every time I listen to meditations now. I fall asleep as the active part of the meditation begins & wake up just as it’s ending. I’m a total lightweight.

I was completely out until the very end of the meditation. “Damn it,” I thought. “I missed it again.” It was now near midnight. I really needed a good night’s sleep — which are hard to come by these days if you follow the Schumann’s Resonance. I shut down my laptop, took my furball Conall out for his nightly walk, then came back in, jumped in the shower, & got in bed.

I laid in bed thinking I might do a bit of solo sex to show some love to my prostate & G-spot, as I’m trying to get back into a regular AWESOM practice. (I don’t need it — once the orgasm switch has been ignited & properly encoded, the body always remembers; but I do miss the practice.)

Laying there, I felt this intense surge of sexual energy. My heart began racing. I can feel whenever my Divine Masculine is working out, so I’m accustomed to this sudden feeling that I’m about to have a heart attack. However, I doubt he was working out at midnight his time.

My vulva was buzzing with energy. I felt this energy shooting up from between my legs to my heart & vice versa, like the energy was running in both directions at the same time. The heart & genitals have a connection all their own that bypasses the other cakras, which I’ve spoken about many times. But I’ve never felt it like this before. I felt every inch of the circuit. The sensation was truly incredible.

I wanted to utilize this energy. I thought it would be great to send some love/sex energy to my DM. I don’t know what he was doing on his end, but this energy felt amazing. I was feeling really lazy, so I just laid back & enjoyed the experience.

I saw 1:44 on the clock on my phone, & the energy still surged through my heart-genitals connection well after 2 a.m. I felt so connected to him energetically. It was truly beautiful.

At some point, I fell asleep.

I had a dream I was with my DM’s family. I don’t want to say it was a log cabin, but it had a dark-wood interior with lots of windows, & we were in the kitchen.

I was squeezing a potato mixture with my hands — kind of like making gnocchi (but they’re not Italian). I was talking with my DM’s father, & he asked me, “So what is this interest you have in [him]? Is it general? Or romantic?”

I tensed up.

I’d had a vision during a meditation on December 1, 2020, in which his mother was in my kitchen, here in my apartment. I said something to her, & we both laughed. But my DM got mad — not angry mad, but frustrated/embarrassed mad. He got in my face & scolded me for what I’d said. I was shocked. He’s never, ever spoken to me like that. My work as a SacredSex Shaman, a.k.a. woo-woo sex witch, is probably a concern for him & how his family would react.

Now, his father is asking me about my interest in his son — my DM. My feelings for him. I thought, How do I explain Twin Flames???

I replied, “It’s complicated…. It’s kind of hard to explain.”

His father smiled & said, “Well, I’ve been around a long time. Try me.”

I don’t remember anything else from that dream, but it felt really comforting to know his family would be open to my DM & me being together, as well as who we are to each other.

This is actually a huge relief. The depth of this Twin Flame connection is quite a doozy to explain to muggles.