Twin Flames: Psychic Attacks Ramp Up in the Physical

by Trish Causey
Copyright 2021 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved.

The psychic attacks the past week have been intense & physically painful, to say the least. I haven’t talked about this much here on my blog, but I guess it’s time to share.

In December 2018, I experienced fiery hot scratches on my back I could not explain, that would be soon followed by more strange Ascension symptoms in January 2019.

My Divine Masculine & I had come together in the physical a few weeks before. Our sexual union ignited a kundalini awakening within me that included energetic sex with him that rocked my world here in the physical, along with extremely vivid 3rd eye visions, plus dreams that tapped into my parallel lives with my Divine Masculine. And oddly, a slew of death dreams began over the ensuing 3 months.

At the time, it didn’t even occur to me that the scratches on my back were connected to my physical union with my Divine Masculine. In the 2 years since, I have personally experienced phenomena that are inexplicable in 3D terms. And the visions & the dreams – wow.

Fast forward to last week, January 2021….

For a while now, I’ve had horrible pain in my back. I’ve tried to massage it, or stretch the muscles, or stand under the hot water in my shower, to no avail.

Recently, I started feeling strange pains in my uterine area. I never have any PMS symptoms, so cramps are highly unusual. What I was feeling, though, wasn’t just cramps. The feeling was like something clenching, twisting, & pulling on my uterine area. I’ve never felt this before. After a couple days of this, I was getting concerned. On Facebook, my friend Amy mentioned psychic attacks on Twin Flames have ramped up right now, especially attacks in the sacral area.

That made sense! I wondered if the back pain were also associated with these kinds of attacks. Just to be sure, as I was going to bed on January 19th, I put my nuummite bracelet back on my wrist (after months of not wearing it). I woke up with no back pain & haven’t felt the sacral twisting/pulling since.

January 20th was the inauguration, & I was too busy doing other things to watch that or want to be see all the negativity on social media that day. I was also busy trying to get my puppy, Conall, on a food & potty schedule that would suit his system.

Switching him to a raw diet & being in a new place had affected him. He was relieving himself in my bedroom, of all places!, which he had NOT been doing. From his first night here, he’d wake me up to go out, even if it were 5 a.m. So he knows how to ask to go out. I couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly going to the bathroom in my room – on the carpet – the past 2 nights.

That night, I slept heavy, without remembering any dreams. Woke up on the 21st at 4 a.m. To the sound of my dog’s collar pendants jingling & seeing him relieving himself again on my carpeted floor. Right by me. Irritated, I got up, took him out, then proceeded to clean up the mess – not nearly as bad as the day before’s honestly, but still.

Back in bed at 5 a.m., I laid on my left side, trying to go to sleep. A vision appeared in my 3rd eye. A monochromatic visual of a wolf. Suddenly, I felt cold metal pressing in on either side of my hips, like something was standing on my hips – but I was laying on my side. The wolf then morphed into a horse. My Divine Masculine’s nickname is “Wolf”, & according to the Chinese zodiac, he was born in the Year of the Horse. As soon as I made that connection to my Divine Masculine, sharp pain ripped through my hips – a hot, searing pain. I actually gasped at how much it hurt.

The vision morphed again, with red smoke wafting about, which then cleared to reveal a 2-story white farmhouse sitting in the middle of a golden prairie. No trees for miles around, just the house & endless “amber waves of grain”.

I couldn’t focus on the vision because the pain was so intense. It felt like hooks digging into my hips. As soon as I made the connection that it felt like hooks, the vision disappeared & the pain was gone. I laid in bed not knowing what happened, but I knew it wasn’t good.

I was able to get a few hours of sleep. At 9 a.m. I woke up to check my notifications on my phone, only to see Instagram telling me a post of mine had been removed. A picture I posted on November 23, 2019, had violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines & been taken down due to “adult sexual solicitation”.

Instagram’s notice explained that “adult sexual solicitation” could include “[f]ilmed sexual activities and porn” or “[o]ffering or asking for sex or nude images”, along with “[s]exual, erotic or tantric messages” as well as “[l]anguage that describes sex or arousal”.

‘The photo in question was a promo for my show “SacredSex with Trish” when it was on the AwakeTV platform, & the show’s description actually included why porn is NOT good for relationships.

This is nothing new. I am frequently censored on social media for my work as a SacredSex Shaman & Foreskin Educator. My YouTube channel was demonetized long ago for my videos that helped viewers with their relationship questions. And while various videos are reported & taken down thanks to some puritanical troll getting upset over my work, the video that continues to be reported & taken down the most is my video in which I spoke out against the rape scenes & sexualized violence of women in the TV show “Game of Thrones”.

I have also had my Live Q&A’s cut off in the middle of the broadcast due to the audio censors that now scan livestreams on YouTube & Facebook. (Where’s that Freedom of Speech thing again? I know I left it here somewhere….)

FUN FACT: Every single post, photo, & video of mine that has ever been reported, flagged by algorithms, & taken down, has ALWAYS been put back after I appeal the removal & the post/video is actually reviewed by a human on the social media platform’s support team.

Naturally, I was highly irritated with the continued censorship of my work & made mention of this in my Facebook group as well as on my blog. I told my Twin Flame energy healer friend Glenda Emory about the vision, & she said she didn’t like the sound of any of that. I mentioned the cold metal & the awful, sharp pain, & she was instantly concerned. After a quick chat, she asked if Conall had been acting strangely. I told her about him relieving himself in my room. Her response: “He’s helped you as much as he can.”

I sat back in disbelief. The only places Conall had “marked” in my home were around my bed & by the internet Wi-Fi, which is 5G internet. He really was trying to protect me. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but if you understand animal behaviour, or especially understand the role of the familiar as protector & guardian of the witch, Conall’s marking pattern around my bed made total sense. And I loved him even more for him helping me as best he can – especially considering the “enemy” is not physical.

As I went about my day, psychic business coach Jennifer offered free business readings in her group, so I asked what did I need to do to call in the big bucks – mostly, this was just for fun. Her response was that my energy was scattered, & I needed to focus in before I could call in the big money.

Glenda offered advice on protection protocols, including sigils, some candle magik, & some womb/pelvic healing recommendations. I immediately started shopping for crystals on Amazon.

A few minutes later, my energy healer friend Clay Wilson reached out to me. He’d seen my post about “Fuck You, Instagram & Facebook”, & he thought I could use some help energetically. Clay is a wonderful energy healer, & because I’ve had 2 sessions with him before, I knew he would definitely be able to help me get cleared & centered.

The session lasted 3 hours. Clay did some incredibly deep work. He said I had soul fragments scattered everywhere in my field, & I remembered Jennifer had also said I was scattered. Over the course of the session, Clay cleared my cakras, specifically my root, sacral, & throat. My root cakra was stuck, & my sacral had “dirty water” in it – something he had never seen before.

“This is probably from Facebook & Instagram censoring your work,” he explained. He cleared that & did some more work. My solar plexus had a knot – again, which he untangled – again. But he said, “Your throat cakra has an inch of tar around it.” We both knew that hindering my speech & expression is another way the non-virtuous assholes were trying to shut me up.

But the real biggie was the claw marks he saw in my energy field. He could see 3 deep claw marks on either side of my hips. He said it was like something had dug in & grabbed on. He cleansed the marks & filled them with light. He brought all my scattered fragments back into place, & I felt sort of like Humpty Dumpty being put back together again.

Clay’s final assessment, “Whatever it was, it did a number on you.” Yeah, I felt it!

In a group chat later that night with Glenda, Clay said, “It looked like a bomb went off in her energy field.” To which Glenda replied, “Yeah, I’ve had to put a few people back together again this week.” Twins are definitely on the hit-list right now.

Also during my session with Clay, I offered to be a guinea pig for some Twin Flame energy healing between me & my Divine Masculine, which was incredibly cool. Clay said he doesn’t get to work on Twins much, so he was seeing some connections & energetics he hadn’t seen before (because I’m just weird like that). Actually, Twin Flames have very specific “wiring” that no one else has. And Clay looked like he was having a blast.

That night, I slept with 417 Hz music playing on my phone in my room. I ordered a bunch of selenite sticks, black tourmaline chunks, & dragon’s blood resin on Amazon. I palo santo’d my place like crazy. And that night, I slept. And so did Conall.

Conall has been amazing. He’s sleeping through the night with no protective markings in my room or anywhere else. In fact, the past few mornings, I’ve gotten up before he has, around 8:30 a.m.

I am being very specific & very adamant in my spiritual hygiene. I admit that with all the fabulous manifestations I received in 2020 (new car, new apartment, reconnection with my Divine Masculine), I got too relaxed. Well, I’ve learned my lesson. Happiness, love, & abundance are absolutely part of our Twin Flame path, but the battle between the Light & the Shit Gremlins is not over. Don’t live in fear, but it is important to stay vigilant.

And my dream this morning was very positive for my Divine Masculine & me. The whole Divine Masculine collective is doing wondrous miracles for clearing & healing themselves on this journey.

I am very grateful to have healer friends such as Clay & Glenda. They helped me get put back together, cleared, & healed.

What we are experiencing is no joke. If you’re a muggle & this all sounds like nonsense, that’s fine. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. However, if you’ve experienced this kind of thing yourself, then you know every bit I’ve said is true.

This is a crazy time. Don’t get obsessed with the mainstream propaganda. Keep your energy focused on your health & your happiness. And if you feel you are experiencing non-virtuous shit, get help from someone like Glenda or Clay…. Immediately.

I love you.

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  1. Holy Shit, Trish! Yes…I have been experiencing things like this…too many to mention!
    I have seen you on Facebook through the past years and was always drawn to you…one time, when I was doing the same, you were asking about helping out at The Lord is My Help during the holidays when I was back in Ocean Springs. Maybe 5 years ago?
    Then the other day I saw you in your “Penis U” t-
    shirt merch and said something like …oh but that shirt….you responded to me and somehow I got here….looks like we’re linked up somehow
    So damn….I am totally interested now…live in St. Petersburg Florida but come home often to Ocean Springs…would love to meet up with you and discuss all things of interest