Sacred Union & Sacred Sex

Today, I’m being interviewed about sacred union. What it means to be in sacred union. Which, of course, leads to the topic of sacred sex. My specialty.

As a self-described SacredSex Shaman, my work involves helping clients go from blah to bliss, from fear to fierce, from wounded to healed — & healing so many issues in between.

Sacred sex is much more than just slow sex. Sacred union is much more than being sexually compatible.

Most people long for romantic ideals, but then bypass the inner work needed to feel whole within — which keeps them in loops of bad/abusive relationships or abusive/addictive behaviours.

Doing the inner work sucks. Dealing with your family crap is triggering. Healing your own wounds is painful.  Clearing your ancestral karma (backwards & forwards) is exhausting. But do it anyway.

The “reward” of self-love, self-acceptance, & self-union is ALLLLLLLL worth the pain (which is the ego, indoctrinations, & societal/cultural expectations being released).

Sacred union, like sacred sex, begins within, & in time, can be manifested outward. Many “traps” can delay this process, so really think twice about one-night stands & even the reliable fuck-buddy hook-up. It’s okay to wait for the person who sings your same soul-song.

You are beautiful. Pleasure is your birthright. Union is your destiny.

And if the illusion of separation has you feeling doubt, know that doubt is rooted in fear, which is also an illusion. And only love is real. 

I love you.