The Change You Want Is Waiting On You

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If you’ve worked with me, you know I’m not afraid to go deep into your wounds (trauma) & your bullshit (ego).

Why? Because I’m mean. 🙂 

Actually, it’s because I know how powerful you truly are.

It’s your experiences (& past-life crap) that have led you to believe you are small — or powerless — or deserve less than others.

You MUST step up & out of ALLLLLLLL the narratives of lack, scarcity, victimhood, & family/relationship drama to create true change in your life.

Oh, & by the way, creating & manifesting are TWO DIFFERENT PROCESSES. I teach you why…. And how.

Wanna heal? Wanna move beyond the limiting box you keep yourself in? Work with me.

Wanna heal that sexual trauma once & for all? It IS possible. Work with me.

Wanna skyrocket your sexlife, your business, your happiness? Wanna soar into the next phase of your life? Work with me.

You canNOT create a different life for yourself from where you are.

You must take inspired action. NOW.


I don’t just help you — I TEACH you how to become the masterful magikian of your life.

My TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK modality will rock your world.

So, to help you bust through your pity-party & wake the f*ck up to your amazingness, I’m offering this December special — which is good until December 2nd — but only because you’re receiving this through my blog.

Outside of my blog, this special is only good for 24 hours. (But I only have a limited number of spots. Not kidding.) 


1, 90-minute session of intense healing, shadow work, teaching you a skill-set of healing tools SPECIFIC for YOU & your personal situation, & how to tap in to your magik to create anything you want: $888

3, 90-minute sessions of work listed above: $2,222

(January rates are already on my website. You’ll never see these prices again.)

I’m up-leveling, & you should, too. 

I love you



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