Special 11-11 Intro of AWESOM – BASIC

Copyright 2020 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved.

The energies of 11-11 have been intense, y’all! And I’ve got some major news coming in the next week or so. But until, then, I have THE BEST way for you to relax & focus on feeling AH-MAZ-ING!

First, you probably follow me for my work as a SacredSex Shaman. Awesome! I love you, too! (My music career will be back next year when I can travel to perform again.)

Second, you probably want better orgasms.

You know, the mind-boggling, toe-curling, back-arching, head-thrown-back, hips-WAY-off-the-bed orgasms that perhaps you’ve only dreamt of….

You know the kind of cosmic-level orgasms I’ve become know for….

… Why women want my secrets to having easier, quicker, longer-lasting multiple orgasms….

… Why men ask me how to get their woman to ejaculate with less effort….

… Why men seek me out to learn how to get harder erections & last longer during sex….

… Why my male clients call me “The Penis Guru”….

(Yes, a few male clients have actually called me “The Penis Guru” in sessions! And I think that’s fabulous!)


Allow me to introduce you to “AWESOM – BASIC” — the “lite” version of my flagship program “AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation”.

AWESOM – BASIC is “lite” on time commitment & extra theory. It contains the core practice techniques & how-to’s plus the support materials AND 1 session with me to help you personally.

You get ALL the info you’ll need to skyrocket your pleasure quotient.

If you’ve wanted to try my AWESOM program but never bought it, NOW is the time to get AWESOM – BASIC

I’ve got it at a special price just for today’s 11-11 energy, & you will get lots of goodies that come with the main program at HALF the regular cost. 

If you’ve followed me for a while, I know you’ve looked at my AWESOM program. You’ve wondered if it could help you (SEE THE TESTIMONIALS!). You’ve probably even asked me about it (YES, GET IT!).

The AWESOM – BASIC version will only be available for a short time, & this half-off price will only be here until 11-13. I’ve got links for PayPal, Venmo, & CashApp on the page.

Ecstasy is your birthright!

And effortless pleasure is within your grasp.

Do whatever you’ve gotta do to get AWESOM – BASIC TODAY.

Love you!