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Quick update!

I return with my show, “SacredSex with Trish” on 11-17, & I will be interviewed on The Jay Campbell Podcast on 11-19. I will also return with “The Trish Causey Show” in December.

Both “SacredSex with Trish” & “The Trish Causey Show” will be done via livestream (video) with audio-only released to podcast streaming services within 48 hours of the original video livestream.

I am also organizing the “Ascension Master Guide Masterclass Summit” that will launch 12-21. Sooooooo looking forward to this!

I have been selected as a Featured Female Entrepreneur by an award-winning businesswoman. That press release will be coming out soon.

And I am continuing with my TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK coaching via 1:1:’s & MasterHeart group (currently here on FB). Feel free to check out that info:

FYI: I will phase out 1:1 coaching next year. So, if you want my undivided attention & potent healing mojo all to yourself, ya better get in on my TFM 1:1 ASAP. See link for info, & message me for payment link.

Next year will be absolutely OFF THE HOOK for me as I branch out further into media, channels, & public speaking. But I will blab all the details when I can!

Y’all know I love to stay busy! 😃 And please comment below to let me know you saw this. (I’m needy that way. 🤣)



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