Foreskin Sex: What Intact Men Want in Bed – Masterclass

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Foreskin isn’t an oddity or a fetish; foreskin is a man’s natural, normal body-part.

When it comes to dating, sex is usually a highly anticipated aspect of a relationship. Thankfully, more & more women are “intact-curious” – that is, they want to try sex with an intact man.

Sex with other men may have been unfulfilling, dry, or even painful. This has led some women (or men) to want to try sex with an intact man — to experience sex as the body was designed to feel every nuance of every sensation of sexual pleasure.

From foreplay to main-play to after-play, intact men feel all of these activities differently than other men.

However, most women don’t really know what to do with an intact man’s foreskin. And yes, sex with an intact man is vastly different than sex with a circumcised man.

Now, you can actually take a masterclass in FORESKIN SEX!

This masterclass is for you, if you:

  • have an intact partner,
  • want to be with an intact man,
  • are “intact-curious”,
  • aren’t sure what to do with foreskin during foreplay or sex,
  • aren’t sure if foreskin is “safe” or “clean”,
  • wonder what foreskin actually does in your vagina during sex,
  • wonder how sex can be much more orgasmic with an intact man,
  • are an intact man & aren’t sure what your foreskin is capable of!

Known as “ArousedWoman” & self-described “SacredSex Shaman”, Trish Causey has created a new masterclass called “FORESKIN SEX: What Intact Men Want in Bed”.

You can learn the do’s & don’t’s of what intact men want when it comes to sex!

Trish has combined her years of experience as a Tantrika as well as a Certified Holistic Life Coach responding to relationship & sex questions with her extensive knowledge of male anatomy & anecdotal input from thousands of conversations with hundreds of intact men — all to create this new masterclass on “FORESKIN SEX: What Intact Men Want in Bed”.

American women especially need accurate information on intact men’s anatomy & pleasure points. And believe it or not, what Trish has heard from intact men in intact countries, the women overseas don’t always know what to do with a man’s foreskin either. (Quelle surprise!)

If you want to know how to make your intact man squirm, writhe, & jump off the bed – with absolute minimal effort(!), you need this class.

Foreskin is normal, natural, & very different than a circumcised glans penis. You need Trish’s knowledge not only to give your intact man pleasure, but also so you don’t hurt his foreskin by being too rough.

In this masterclass, Trish explains what intact men want during sexual activity & how it differs (greatly!) from sex with circumcised men. She also explains what YOU get out of sex with an intact man — with clinical studies to prove it!

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • adult male foreskin anatomy,
  • adult male foreskin key erogenous points,
  • what intact men want during foreplay & how to give it to them,
  • why intact men may not like oral sex,
  • what intact men like during sex,
  • how intact men move during sex,
  • how sex is (statistically) more enjoyable for you,
  • how you benefit from experiencing intact sex.

And you can ask your questions LIVE!

THIS MASTERCLASS WILL BE HELD ON JULY 17, 2020 @ 7 p.m. CDT. A replay .MP3 will be available for all participants afterward.

All of this information –> Trish’s expert knowledge of male anatomy, years of relationship coaching experience, & personal know-how of playing with foreskin <– will compose the “FORESKIN SEX: What Intact Men Want in Bed” masterclass for just $88 USD.

A private session with Trish is $333 USD for 75-minutes. Joining this masterclass is a great option for those who want Trish’s knowledge, expertise, & unique teaching style at a discounted rate.

If you have an intact partner or are intact-curious, you need this masterclass.

See you in class!


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