New Moon Magik Ritual for June 2020

Copyright 2020 by Trish Causey

Please join me for a New Moon Ritual to help balance the current energies following the Summer Solstice & the Eclipse — that are STILL flowing strong!

The Ascension process is affecting everyone differently — just look at what’s happening all over the world right now.

This New Moon Ritual will give you a chance to dip your toes into your personal power of manifesting the life of your dreams. You create your reality — but what are you consciously creating?

With the recent upheaval in our everyday lives (that I’ve discussed at length on my YouTube channel), now is the time to step into your personal power & set forth the intentions of abundance, love, happiness, joy, success that you’ve always wants to create but didn’t know how.

IN THE UPCOMING RITUAL, we will cover:

  • Current Moon phase
  • Current energies
  • Best magik for manifestation at this time
  • Getting really focused on intentions to manifest
  • Insights via Tarot & other intuitive tools
  • Live Q&A before & after

PLEASE NOTE: The intentions & ways of manifesting CHANGE with the phases of the Moon. Example: New Moon magik is different than Waning Moon magik.

SUNDAY, June 21, 2020, @ 7 p.m. CDT.


New Moon Magik Ritual – June 2020

Group ritual via Zoom to clear out the old & bring in the new with the powerful energies in this now moment. Perfect for manifesting new things in your life during the current energies for upleveling your life, relationships, career, & finances. ALL SALES FINAL.


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