Dreams: Overlapping Timelines & Closing Out Egyptian Lifetimes?


A woman sank beneath muddy water. I wondered how she would be able to breathe.

Next dream:

My daughter & I walked through an incredibly crowded high school with many more hallways than a typical high school has. I asked someone where my mother’s classroom was, & he responded, “San Francisco”, pointing toward a hallway just beyond a central hallway that cut through. (My daughter wasn’t alive when my mother was still teaching high school. San Francisco is where my car was stolen, forcing me to go back to Mississippi & beginning months of sojourning around the country.)

Next dream:

I was laying down on a coach, & my daughter was kneeling on the floor next to me. I could feel my mother behind my head. Suddenly, I bowl of hot oil was poured onto me. I braced myself for the pain & blisters that would instantly form, but there was no pain or blisters. The oil felt cool, but I was still tense, waiting for the oil. My daughter helped me up & took me to get some napkins to wipe the oil off my clothes. She was there to help & protect me. (I’m pretty sure my mother was a Witch Hunter in a previous life – that would absolutely suit her AND explain why we always hated each other in this life.)

Next dream:

I had a brief vignette with my friend Gregg, the singer, but I don’t remember much. Only recently have I regularly had dreams with people I know in this lifetime. He represents struggles in singing to me, & I can see how that applies to me – I need to get back into singing.

Next dream:

I dreamt it was nighttime, & I was walking my dog – or a dog, not sure if he were mine. We walked along lit, covered walkways, like at a hotel, or resort, or upscale university dorms. The dog was a small dog – either a puppy or a Dachshund-type dog. He was wearing a little red sweater. He saw another small dog, & they began playing with a ball. Overall, this was happy, but I have no idea who this doggie was. 🙂

Next dream:

Again, I see the woman in the water, only this time, the water is clear & the sunlight sparkles on the surface, bouncing off into glimmers of light. She has long, brown hair, & her skin is medium-tan (not fair-skinned, not “tan”). She is in the water up to her ribs/breasts. There is a boat. Someone in the boat hands the woman a baby in a basket. Then another baby in a basket, then a third baby in a basket. She takes each one and places them on the water, to float, talking to them gently.

End dreams.

I know there were other dreams/vignettes, but I didn’t remember them upon waking up.

As I woke up, the last dream was the most prominent. I heard the word “Moses”, & I remembered the story of Baby Moses being saved by putting him in a basket in the river. I can only assume these three babies needed saving from the wrath of some insecure pharaoh or angry, vengeful god. Though I cannot say for sure this was an Egyptian timeline I’m closing out as I did not see anything that would signify Egypt – only saw the water, the woman, & the baskets with the babies.