Phimosis/Tight Foreskin Study to Test a New Product for Restrictive Foreskin

With the Phimosis/Tight Foreskin Study, I hope to help intact men who have perhaps tried other methods to relieve or reverse a tight foreskin or even phimosis. Every foreskin and penis are different, so results may vary.

Restrictive foreskin is not only painful, but it can affect a man’s sex life and even the overall health of his penis.

A tight foreskin is more common than true pathological phimosis, which is actually rare. Actual phimosis, if left untreated, almost always requires amputation of the foreskin (i.e., adult circumcision) to save the glans penis.

The cost of participating is $43. This helps to cover the cost of supplies and with $10 shipping and handling for men in the U.S. contiguous 48 states. Shipping costs more if outside this area.

The purpose of the study is to try a product I am developing to assist with foreskin that has difficulty retracting.

The product is specifically non-steroidal to avoid the use of steroids in the treatment of restrictive foreskin. The product will be applied to the foreskin twice per day. I am making this product myself with quality ingredients that are organic whenever possible.


  • Must be an intact man who believes he has a tight foreskin or even phimosis.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older. If I don’t know you, I will ask for ID to prove you are of legal majority.
  • Must agree to perform all requirements of the study as outlined below.
  • Get approval from doctor to participate if under a doctor’s care or on routine medication.
  • Must sign a waiver releasing me of any liability.
  • Pay $43 to cover cost of product and shipping.


  • Acknowledge this study will have a duration of 8 weeks.
  • Agree to use the product and carry out the process as directed.
  • Acknowledge that the product and/or instructions may or may not help your specific situation.
  • Attend a live video of me explaining the study, the product, the process, et al. You can also watch the replay. This will be a private link on Zoom or YouTube.
  • Answer a brief survey (link will be provided) to explain details of foreskin restriction.
  • Send “before” pictures according to precise specifications.
  • Apply product twice per day and do process as directed.
  • Send “after” pictures.
  • Answer follow-up survey (link will be provided), giving your personal assessment as to whether you thought the product and/or process was helpful in addressing your tight foreskin/phimosis.
  • Optional: Attend a group chat via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Study is limited to 20 men.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, pay $43 using PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo to get started.

Deadline to join is June 5, 2019. Study begins July 1, 2019. I look forward to helping as many intact men as possible.


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