AWESOM for Couples

For the first time ever, I am offering private sessions with couples for my program AWESOM – AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation.

In these private sessions with me, I will teach you & your partner the techniques of my practice that I developed to become multi-orgasmic, heal my relationship with my body, & deal with deeply rooted issues that have played havoc with past relationships. Because these sessions are private, I can individualize the techniques to your individual and coupled journey of awakening & orgasms.

You don’t need anything but YOU! No toys or gadgets or gizmos – though you may want to keep a journal of your practice sessions and what you experience in between. You can listen to music during your practice, or not. I composed a meditation track just for this practice, which you are welcome to use.

Focus on the genitals is not required, so if you are healing from trauma, have a medical issue, or have experienced sexual dysfunction, AWESOM’s techniques can still help.

UNDERSTAND, this is a process. Your body needs time to learn new techniques, un-learn old habits, and create new pathways of experiencing pleasure and self-love.


AWESOM’s benefits include how to:

  • Awaken orgasm ability,
  • Make orgasms easier,
  • Experience full-body orgasms,
  • Learn sensual massage techniques,
  • Stop use of vibrators,
  • Help heal body image,
  • Help heal sexual trauma,
  • Help with PTSD,
  • Help with male prostate issues,
  • Help with Erectile Dysfunction,
  • and more…

Sessions will be via Skype or Google Duo.

Must be 21+ to sign up.

Nudity is fine, but rude, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. If I ban you from working with me, no refunds will be given.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and will not diagnose any medical issue. If under a doctor’s care, get permission from her/him before beginning this program.


For February 2019, I’m offering a special price of 5 sessions at 45 minutes each for just $333. This allows for 3 couple sessions plus an individual session for each of you in which you can focus on you & your needs.

You can purchase as many bundles of 5 sessions as you would like, i.e., 5 for $333, 10 for $666, 15 for $999, etc. This special pricing is good through 02-28-2019. All sales are final. No refunds.

In March 2019, the price goes up to $444.


To pay, use or @TrishCausey in one of several popular apps. If you have any problems, email me. If you use Cash app, make sure you email me after you pay, since I can’t message you through the app.

PAY $333 (or the price for 2 or more session bundles) via the following apps:

I truly look forward to helping you on your orgasmic awakening and healing journey.

Thank you so much!


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