Twin Flames: Song – The Reason Is You

January 4, 2019

I was thinking about all this Twin Flame stuff, new beginnings, 2019, et al., & a song popped into my head, with the following lyrics being very clear:

“I’m not a perfect person.
There’s many things I wish I didn’t do,
But I continue learning.
I never meant to do those things to you,
And so I have to say before I go.
That I just want you to know
I’ve found a reason for me
To change who I used to be,
A reason to start over new,
And the reason is you!”

The lyrics made me cry instantly, but I couldn’t remember the name of the song. I googled it, & it was “The Reason” by Hoobestank. Listening to the actual song made me cry all over again.

Please LOVE your Twin Flame unconditionally. He/She has been going through a condensed version of awakening hell that we’ve gone through over a period of years. Even when we feel pain, our experience has led us to almost take it in stride. We are not new to this. But our Counterpart, who may be just now awakening, will experience all the same awakenings & revelations we went through, but in a shorter amount of time, making it severely intense all at once. If their awakening/shedding of karma is too intense, then detach. But still love them.

If you’re a Twin Flame, the love is ALWAYS there. Your partner just needs to shed all the 3D bullshit of societal, religious, & cultural programming, including whatever abusive, self-destructive patterns they learned via patriarchy’s toxic masculinity. Detach but LOVE.

Love is ALL there is.