AskTRISH: Intact Man With Phimosis Horrified to Go to a Doctor for Care

Dear Trish,

I have phimosis, and I’m horrified of seeing a doctor about it because I’m worried they’ll – at worst – suggest I get circumcised immediately (especially in light of the latest CDC bullshit), or at best, be ignorant about the best course of action. Do you know of any resources where I can find doctors in my area that are known to be knowledgeable about the foreskin and not push circumcision except as a last resort?

I’m so glad to have found someone so passionate about this sort of thing, thanks!


Hello, UncutTumblr!

I am so sorry you’re experiencing this stress because the American medical system is so ignorant about the normal, natural penis and its foreskin. And yes, the continued unethical campaign by the CDC to push doctors to recommend circumcision to intact men is another example of money leading medicine in the United States.

I receive messages just like yours on a regular basis. In fact, I just responded to another man’s query about phimosis on my Tumblr and Instagram; and he is likewise scared to see a doctor out of fear that the first and only suggested remedy will be circumcision.

Since you didn’t mention where you are, I can’t recommend anyone, and I don’t know of a centralized database maintained by any one group. You can start by checking with Doctors Opposing Circumcision and inquire if they have any members in your area.

Call the urologists in your town and inquire if they are foreskin friendly. Just call up and ask if the docs treat phimosis. If they say, “Yes,” ask them HOW they treat phimosis. If the answer is “Usually circumcision,” or something similar, hang up immediately. Keep calling the urologists in your area until you find one who actually treats phimosis.

First, you should know that true phimosis is rare and is different from having a snug foreskin, so before you try any methods to loosen your foreskin, make sure you have actual pathologic phimosis.

Phimosis creates a hardened, whitish ring at the top of the foreskin (where the external foreskin transitions to the internal foreskin). The foreskin will lose its elasticity and develop a papery-thin texture. If you don’t have this hardened ring and your foreskin feels normal, you may not have phimosis – you may just have a tight foreskin. Several options exist for addressing an overly tight foreskin, one of which is the same for phimosis. So keep reading!

Assuming you have true phimosis, the easiest way to address the tightness is also one of the best; and I recommend you start with this one. A number of steroid creams have been very successful at 0.05% concentration, including Clobetasol propionate. Sometimes, hydrocortisone cream at 1% is recommended, but do check with a doctor or pharmacist first.

WARNING: Do not confuse Clobetasol propionate 0.05% with Clotrimazole 1%,which is meant to rid pets of ringworms and fungal infections.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist which topical steroid cream is most beneficial for phimosis and which is available in your area. They will likely recommend you apply a little bit 2 to 4 times per day to the distal foreskin. See how it goes for a month, and if there is no improvement then you may want to pursue other options.

I can tell you this: circumcision is never the first answer for the occasional problems intact men experience with their foreskin.

Circumcision on teens and adult men is a much more involved process than on infants, so it earns much more money for the doctor, surgical center, and surgical staff. This is why they PUSH cutting off foreskin every chance they get. Try the steroid cream first. Try other options later.

Don’t let them talk you into getting cut. But DO let me know what happens!

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Thank you!






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