WITCHY WOMAN New Moon in Capricorn January 2019

For the New Moon in Capricorn in January 2019, I returned to my list of 21 things I wanted to release at the Full Moon in Cancer in December 2018, & I decided to change them all around for my intentions that I want to manifest during the next 6 months.

I am focusing on planting seeds of faith instead of doubt, love instead of fear, awakening instead of the limitations of ego, non-attachment instead of judgment, healing instead of memories of trauma & PTSD, abundance not lack or poverty consciousness, gratitude for my karmics & other life lessons, gratitude for my successes & blessings, as well as compassion & forgiveness instead of being stuck in 3D mindsets that are not of my highest good.

I have made space for love, happiness, joy, inner peace, prosperity, abundance, music, creativity, adventure, connection with other members of my soul tribe, & a life in union with my Divine Masculine.

Here are my intentions for this New Moon in Capricorn & all my adventures for 2019.

  • Full knowledge & belief in my union with my DM & our Twin Flame journey;
  • Belief in myself & my abilities;
  • Loving my body no matter what;
  • Abundance consciousness;
  • Higher consciousness;
  • Focusing on learning great skills in music composition;
  • Surrounding myself with people, places, and things that align with my soul journey & development as a multidimensional being;
  • Moving forward & loving the adventure!
  • Forgiveness & learning from my past or past lifetimes across all space, time, dimensions, and realities;
  • Working with my peeps in the higher realms: the ArchAngels, my Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and other light beings who are here to help me;
  • Increasing my psychic & intuitive abilities;
  • Being fearless in my creative and artistic pursuits;
  • Publishing my book(s) & recording my album!!!!;
  • Loving my sexual inhibitions, loving sex, & reveling in my incredible orgasmic abilities;
  • Loving my body unconditionally;
  • Knowing I am a powerful manifestor of my reality;
  • Knowing I am a co-creator of my reality with Source Energy;
  • Knowing I do belong here, now, & I have an important purpose;
  • Healing my body so that I live a long, healthy life;
  • Loving others unconditionally;
  • Being happy for no reason other than it feels amazing;
  • Knowing that I am love, I am financial success, I am abundance, I am powerful, I am limitless;
  • Living my unconditional love in action with my Twin Flame & beginning our life together in physical union.