TWIN FLAMES: Reassurance from the ArchAngels

October 31, 2018

I came into physical (sexual) union with my DM on Friday night. And of course, I have not heard from him since. He’s not responding to my 3 messages on Snapchat or my text message. (Don’t gloat. Y’all know this Runner thing happens several times.)

Earlier today, I had the thought that I had not seen any feathers in the past couple of days. Since I started working with the ArchAngels a couple of weeks ago, I’ve often seen feathers on the ground as confirmation that I have higher help and that my twin flame journey is protected.

So then, I was walking to my hotel room just now, when I saw this feather in the grass. I burst into tears and said, “Thank you, Michael.” I added, “And whoever else is helping me,” meaning ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, etc. I crossed the parking lot — crying my eyes out, when I saw a bunch of white feathers in a cluster on one parking space. I had to get a picture.

I guess I wanted a reminder for later when I need encouragement to stay positive in my 5D unconditional love so that I don’t inadvertently send chaotic energy of uncertainty to my DM. I love him. Dammit.

A friend told me, “That’s a dove feather too! The bird of love. And it’s grey, meaning troubles are coming to an end.”

Man, I hope so!




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