DREAM: Death Dream With Cows & an Owl

October 31, 2018


I was having a dream in which I was driving on the right side of vehicle like in a British car, but the vehicle had a flat front area – seemed like an old type of van, but small like a VW. I was talking with someone in the passenger seat to my left; I don’t know who it was, but seemed like my daughter (in the dream, not my daughter in real life). Suddenly, I see 2 cows cross the highway, from right to left. I clutch the wheel & slam on the brakes, which made the vehicle start flying upward.

We go up over a green & white highway sign & into some outreaching tree branches. As our vehicle is plummeting downward, I say over & over again, “I’m energy, this won’t hurt. I’m energy.” Just as I’m about to crash onto the highway, I wake up, but my eyes are still closed.

In my third eye, I see the outline of a woman, & I realize she looks like me. (My third eye visuals are always shapes & waves, usually in purple). The woman’s shape fades, & I see the silhouette of an owl flying toward me.


Cows are special in Irish spirituality. Not sure what this dream means. But was the owl my astral body coming back since I awoke so suddenly? Depending on the culture, an owl can mean wisdom or death. And does anyone else see their astral self as an animal or non-human shape?


What you described sounds like New Zealand. Have you ever been here? Perhaps, this was a death experience in a past lifetime?


Wow! I’ve had many, many past lives in Ireland, Scotland, & England, which I’ve seen in dreams. Never have I even thought about a past life Down Under! Makes sense since the English sent so many Irish to that area as prisoners on false charges & petty crimes.




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