DREAMS: Butterflies, Ascension Symptoms, Children with my Divine Masculine, Kali’s Yoni, & More

January 4, 2019

I know I had dreams all night long. As usual, I’m waking up between 3 a.m. & 4 a.m., then staying awake until nearly 7 a.m., when I get an hour or so of restless, dream-filled sleep, then I’m awake for the day.

The dreams after 7 this morning were a succession of ascension dreams and timelines that I hope will come to pass. I sort of remembered other dreams when I woke up, but these were the ones that stood out.

FIRST DREAM (that I remember): A butterfly sat on a picnic table with its wings spread out flat – I almost thought it was dead. Then another butterfly exactly like it flew into view & landed on top of the butterfly on the table. I don’t know if this is how butterflies have sex or not, but it was pretty obvious to me, even in the dream, that this was a Twin Flame sign.

NEXT DREAM: I was standing at the counter of a small shoppe. Although I didn’t see his face, I knew I was standing next to my Divine Masculine (DM). I looked down at my feet, & I was wearing sandals, which I never do. Both of my feet had dark patches on both sides of each foot – like a really, really bad bruise on both sides of my feet. (See next dream. )

NEXT DREAM: I’m laying on a sofa, & there’s a guy sitting on the other end of the sofa; but he was not my DM – at least, he didn’t look like my DM. I looked down at my legs, which are pockmarked with hives, which I knew to be ascension symptoms. The marks were round, red welts. The vast majority of them were actually dark in color with a red ring around the edge.

I looked at my thigh, & a huge dark spot covered the entire top & side of my thigh. As I looked at it, I realized it wasn’t just one color of dark – it was a blackish-purple that was leading off to a lighter color. I looked at it again, & I realized I was looking into the cosmos. As I looked at the other, smaller circular welts, I realized my skin was peeling back & revealing that I was the cosmos. My true nature was the Universe.

The guy sitting on the sofa started to have similar red welts on his legs & arms that I knew were ascension symptoms. Again, this guy did not look like my Twin Flame, but he was a guy waking up to his true nature as a lightworker as well.

ANOTHER DREAM: I was holding my daughter (that I don’t have yet). I got the feeling that this was a daughter I’d had with my DM. She was about 2 years old. I set her down on the floor, & suddenly, she was about 5 or 6. She was talking, & we were talking back & forth. Her hair was dark, & she had bangs. She looked so much like my Divine Masculine that I couldn’t help but stare into her eyes because they were just like his. I even asked her to stop & be still just so I could look at her. I saw his face & his eyes.

I asked her if she’d had a bath, she responded with something I don’t remember now. I replied, “Well, it’s time to get a bath.” I turned around, & our son was standing behind me. He was about 8 years old. I’ve only seen him as an infant in my dreams; & I haven’t dreamt of him since August. I had been afraid he wasn’t coming back to me. But here he was at 8 years old, & I asked him, “How long has it been since YOU had a bath?” And I kind of laughed.

NEXT DREAM: I see an outline of a woman as if on a coloring book page: she was outlined in black on a white page. She was squatting but resting her buttocks on the heels of her feet with her knees wide open displaying her Yoni. She was obviously a goddess, but the headpiece was too detailed (in outline form) for me to make out what culture – but I’m sensing Tantrik/Indian goddess since I’m a Tantrika, perhaps even Kali in her Tantrik goddess state(?). Thinking of her as Kali felt right as Kali is one of the goddesses who watches over me & guides me in this lifetime. The outline drawing started to rotate, & it was as if she were looking at me.

A second, smaller drawing was on the upper right of the page — a closeup of her Yoni, & it was pulsing. I’m hoping this is yet another confirmation that my work as a Sex & Relationships coach is a big part of my soul mission because I believe the Yoni is beautiful! {(*)} And I know for a fact that many people need healing from sexual trauma, anorgasmia, & body shaming.

WAKING UP: As I was waking up & in that hazy space between dream-time & being awake, my third eye went nuts. In my third eye, I don’t see full color pictures (yet!); I see outlines, shapes, & waves in a color – usually a dark purple or lavender. As I laid in bed, I saw outlines of shapes of people’s faces – hundreds & hundreds of faces flashed before me in rapid succession. Most of them were human, like what you would expect; but some of them were actually slightly scary … the exact things I never want to see in my third eye!

As those outlines of people’s faces flashed before me, I saw just beyond that a silhouette of a man & his head, shoulders, & upper back. In front of him was a rapid succession of images flashing in a circular formation, as if there were a round screen in front of him. It was pretty cool to see these outlines of people in front of me & then to see just beyond that this man who was watching flashes of something – I guess in his third eye as well. Was this my DM waking up???

All of this kept going on along with the usual shapes of wolf, dragon, & a lobster. I don’t understand the lobster – my daughter is a Cancer; but I don’t know if the lobster is a Scorpio/ Underworld reference.

All in all, I was very busy both in dream state & in my third eye this morning; and it’s wasn’t even 9 a.m.

Once I got up & got moving, I noticed a new set of 3 bumps on my lower right hip almost exactly where the other series of 3 bumps is nearly completely healed. Yay. More ascension symptoms to go with all my crazy dreams. 😛





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