New Year’s Day 2019 Lunch & Gratitude

January 1, 2019

Not a traditional New Year’s Day Southern lunch (or dinner, as my father calls “lunch”), but I’m grateful for food & a kitchen to cook it in.

This day last year, I was homeless, living out of my car in Los Angeles — yes, my car that was later stolen in San Francisco. From where I was then to where I am now is a saga of monumental obstacles that only seemed to grow bigger & get more difficult as they required more & more inner strength to deal with them all. And I did. 😇🙏

As I look at this simple meal that doesn’t appeal to most people, I can’t help but think of everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — I went through & OVERCAME in 2018 so that I can stand here on Day 1 of 2019 & say, “2019, you are mine! We shall do great things together!” 😘😁

So today’s “lunch” is seared chicken with onion & black pepper gravy, fresh peas, sauteed carrots, salad, croissants, & for dessert: an avocado with raspberry vinaigrette. And YES, that is a CUP of gravy on the side! 😍

Nom nom!!! 💝





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