Penis Girth vs. Width (Why Do So Many Men Get This Wrong?!)

Men, I love you. I really do.

While I am not surprised at the affinity every man has for his penis, I am constantly amazed at the vast majority of men who do not know the difference between the words “girth” and “width”.

Men, should you find yourself wandering the lonely lanes of bookshelves at your local library, you mayhap notice such an archaic reference tome known as the dictionary. A dictionary is a book that comprises pages filled with the definitions of words. I know books are old-fashioned, but just go with me on this! (Or use an app on your phone.)

In the aforementioned dictionary, you will have the opportunity to look up the meanings of the words “girth” and “width” – WHICH ARE NOT THE SAME THING! <insert annoyed, frownie-face emoji>

I even wrote an article on how to measure your penis’ girth a while back. However, since I continue to see the words “girth” and “width” (mis)used interchangeably on social media, I feel the need to set the record straight. Your penis will thank me.

And see my snazzy new infographic below!


Girth is both a noun and a verb. The noun “girth” means the measurement around the middle of an object, whereas the verb “girth” means to encircle.

From “encircle”, we can take girth to mean the circumference of an object. In this case, we are speaking of the girth of your penis – that is, the around measurement, a.k.a. the circumference of your penis at its widest part.

Find a flexible measuring tape and measure around the widest part of your penis. This will vary from man to man. Some men are widest at the base, while some are widest in the middle. Others are widest near the top or even the glans itself. The circumference may be 4 inches, 5.33 inches, 6.14 inches, 7.22 inches, and so on. Your circumference will be unique to you. This is the GIRTH of your penis.

Are we clear? Girth = around the penis.

Unless you are a man with the smallest adult penis in the history of adult penises, you will NOT have a “girth” of 2 inches. That may be the WIDTH of your penis, but not the girth. In fact, a width of 2 inches means your girth is about 6.5 inches. (SEE FULL INFOGRAPHIC BELOW!)


The width of the penis is the across measurement, or the diameter — not to be confused with the great Greek grain goddess Demeter! You may remember the word diameter from high school math classes that included such jive-talk as “radius” and “arc” and “pi” and other pseudo-useless words.

The diameter is (2)(r), where r = the radius of a round object. The radius is measured from the center to the outer edge, whereas the diameter is the measurement all the way across from one edge to the opposite outer edge by going across the center point.

Pi = 3.14, so to calculate the diameter or width of your penis, divide the girth (around) measurement by 3.14. That will tell you your width.

Why is width important? Because much more than the length of a man’s penis, the width is super important to women. Women buy our sex toys based on width and the purpose of the toy, with a little consideration for the insertable length. (SEE FULL INFOGRAPHIC BELOW!)


Also, when buying sex toys, women consider the insertable length, not the overall length. For instance, an 8-inch dildo will likely be listed with an insertable length of 6.5 inches. Or a 9-inch dildo may have a 7-inch insertable length. So measure from the underside of your penis, not the top. (We know you dig the measuring tape into your belly fat to make your penis look longer anyway!)


Girth = around….. Width = across.


Circumference, diameter, math formulae?! And you thought you’d never use high school geometry or algebra ever again…. Well, now you can – to measure your penis!