TWIN FLAMES: Simple Love Ritual to Send Love to my Divine Masculine

December 27, 2018

When I met my Divine Masculine in person, I experienced the “Twin Flame Eyes” phenomenon that seems to be a hallmark of the connection in the physical. On top of that, I did the Tantrik eye thing without meaning to – my left eye stared into his left, and I think that might have weirded him out. He had just walked in the door, so jumping his bones into Yab Yum position would have been unseemly.

His eyes are beautiful, and being able to just stare into his eyes and feel transported to worlds beyond was incredible. I had to force myself to look away. Otherwise, I could have gazed into his amazing green eyes forever.

Our connection, that I was finally able to feel in person, made it all so real for me, rather than just loving him from afar or dreaming about him. I know we are connected on every level – even the physical; but being with him in the physical solidified our bond for me.

Tonight, I did a spontaneous ritual that I wanted to share with other Twin Flames as well as soulmates and others who want to feel a closer connection to your beloved.

Sitting quietly, I called in my Higher Self and my Spirit Team, as well as my Divine Masculine’s Higher Self. I closed my eyes , with my hands on my heart, and I envisioned him and his expanded spiritual self. I reached out my left hand (because I’m naturally left-handed), and in my mind’s eye, I placed my left hand on his heart. I said, “I send you my love, always and forever.”

I stayed there, feeling that rush of love from me to him, and it was beautiful. Then I envisioned him reaching out his left hand and placing it on my heart and sending me the same love in return.

Surrounding us was a glow of light, and I focused on the circle of love between us until it had no direction – it was not from me to him or from him to me; the love just was; it was unconditional love that is eternal.

I allowed myself to stay in this moment for a while; and with the connection still very strong, I brought my hands together and said a “thank you” to my Higher Self and my Spirit Team and to my Divine Masculine. I wished them all well, and I said, “I love you,” again to my guy.

With the ritual ended, I simply enjoyed the feelings of love, completion, and connection that I knew I could feel again whenever I wanted to be close to him in the physical – until we can be together again.