DREAM: My Daughter, the Wounded Tiger

Copyright 2018 Trish Causey.

December 27, 2018

In a dream separate from the dream of my Divine Masculine’s Higher Self, I saw a wounded tiger walking toward me. The tiger was not mad or angry, just wounded and walking toward me.

My daughter was born in the Year of the Tiger, so I always associate tigers with her. She has been through her own Tower moments in the past 18 months, and she blames me for most of them. Talking with her the past few times has been awful – she wants nothing to do with me.

On December 25th, she sent me photos of our dog and her cat opening their presents. She was like her old self, and it was wonderful. She even reached out to my friend Michael with a very sweet Merry Christmas message that was totally unprompted by me. I was able to glimpse her true self again. She is an empath and a lightworker and totally in denial about it.

Seeing the wounded tiger in my dream was almost a relief. It gives me hope that she will allow herself to receive love and help from me so that we can heal our relationship.





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