Twin Flames: Unconditional Love & No Tummy Tuck for Me

October 25, 2018

Body image is a sensitive issue for many people, and I can attest that I’ve had my fair-share of battles of the bulge. The biggest battle in the war on my self-esteem has been overcoming the years of bullying I experienced as a child by assholes at school.

I’ve already done a video on why I got fat and how I learned to love my body, but these wounds run deep, mainly because the mental and emotional anguish were caused by people who were supposed to be my peers (the assholes) at a time when I was still figuring out who I was.

I could go into a long diatribe about the other emotional and psychological factors influencing my sense-of-self at the time (physical and psychological abuse by my mother, emotional detachment of my father, sexual abuse by a neighbor, turmoil within both sides of my family, my parents’ horrible marriage, and dogmatic religious indoctrination that made 8-year-old little me feel responsible for all of it), but I’ll spare you all of that…. for now….

One of the two main lessons of my life has been to love myself unconditionally. (The other being to live my life for me, by my rules, and not according to other people’s wishes or expectations.)

So, fresh out of the shower, with wet hair, and wearing no make-up, I felt called to do a video to talk about this topic of unconditional self-love and why I won’t get a tummy tuck.




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