Twin Flames: Angels on Earth?

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October 28, 2018

Last week, I started having the most awful pain on my shoulder blades. I’m big-busted, so I’m accustomed to back pain; but this was different. The pain was ON my shoulder blades, at the top of both scapulae, from the superior angle to the middle of the medial border. And this pain keeps happening, usually late at night or first thing in the morning.

Then today, I was watching a video about Twin Flames, and the speaker said that having pain in the shoulder blades recently meant that was our angel wings twitching – that we were battling darker energies at night during our dreamtime.

A quick mention about this in a Facebook group received a swarm of responses confirming that yes, Twin Flames, are indeed angels – to go along with our Ascended Master status. As Twin Flames, we are light warriors – spirit warriors(!) – doing our part so that good triumphs over evil.

The speaker in the video also said this is part of the reason we wake up so tired every morning.

To recap: When our physical bodies are asleep, we’re not only humping our divine counterpart during steamy astral sex, we’re helping the galactic fam duke it out in the cosmic realms in a multiverse battle across many timelines, dimensions, and realities to preserve the light from the forces of darkness?! Well, this was news to me.


Twin Flames.… One soul in two bodies.… Ascended Masters…. Cosmic warriors…. Now … Angels?

Most days, being a Twin Flame is an emotional roller-coaster. Other days, being a Twin Flame is a total mind-fuck.

Thinking of myself as an angel will take some getting used to – especially considering I’ve only been acknowledging and working with angels for about 10 days.

I came into physical union with my DM on Friday. Maybe it’s related?

I know we’re all extensions of Source Energy, and we are all connected. Being an angel shouldn’t be that far of a stretch, and yet….. it kinda is. I’m still trying to wrap my intellect around it…. And yet…… I keep having incredible dreams, waking up exhausted every morning around 3 a.m., unable to go back to sleep until after 5 or 6 a.m. most days. And then there’s that very specific pain in that very particular spot on the tops of my shoulder blades…. Makes me wonder about it all….

Then I google “shoulder blade”, and I’m struck by just how similar it is to an angel wing — or what humans think an angel wing looks like…. Quelle surprise!

Anyone have thoughts about Twin Flames being angels on Earth?