21 Things to Release After the Full Moon in Cancer

December 22, 2018

The Full Moon in Cancer is right on the heels of Yule (a.k.a. the Winter Solstice). I made a list of 21 things I wanted to release to the Universe to be transmuted. Most of the things I released involved doubt, fear, ego, judgment, trauma, PTSD, lack consciousness, poverty consciousness, karmics, & other 3D mindsets that are not of my highest good.

By releasing the mental & emotional baggage, I’m making room for love, happiness, joy, inner peace, prosperity, abundance, music, creativity, adventure, & connection with other members of my soul tribe.

I burned the list & watched all my worries & doubts & self-sabotage be carried off by the winds to the powers-that-be. I have big plans for 2019, & I finally feel ready to accomplish some projects that I’ve had brewing for a while — & some new adventures I can’t wait to tackle. Love y’all, my soul tribe!

21 things I released on the Full Moon in Cancer:

  • any doubt about my Divine Masculine or our Twin Flame journey;
  • self-sabotage in all forms;
  • any negative body image issues;
  • poverty consciousness;
  • lack consciousness;
  • any blocks about Music Theory and Composition 3;
  • people, places, and things that do not serve my highest good;
  • any fear of moving forward;
  • any guilt of my past or past lifetimes across all space, time, dimensions, and realities;
  • any karmic contract that is no longer for my highest good across all space, time, dimensions, and realities;
  • any disbelief in the Angelic realm, the ArchAngels, my Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and other light beings who are here to help me;
  • any doubt in my psychic or intuitive abilities;
  • any doubt in my creative and artistic abilities instilled in my psyche by others;
  • any societal programming that does not serve me;
  • any shame about being sexual and loving sex and reveling in my incredible orgasmic abilities;
  • any shame about my body brought on by other people, culture, media, or religion across all space, timelines, dimensions, and realities;
  • any doubt that I am a powerful manifestor of my reality;
  • any doubt that I am a co-creator of My reality with Source Energy;
  • any doubt that I do belong here, now;
  • any health issues that hurt me or my body;
  • any need to control via my ego or fear;
  • judgment of others or myself.

It felt amazing to let go of so much emotional, mental, & psychological baggage.




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