Twin Flames: Goddesses, ArchAngels, & Third-Eye Visions of Flying Through the Cosmos

October 22, 2018

I had a session with Janet Schaeffer on Thursday, & it was amazing. She is amazing.

Apparently, I need to open up to the ArchAngels & a few goddesses of non-Irish/Gaelic persuasion – particularly, Bastet, Ma’at, Sekhmet, Freya, & Aphrodite – who look after me & want to help me. The ArchAngels also communicated that I would benefit from working with them by calling on them for assistance.

I told Janet that angels never resonated with me because of my upbringing in the Catholic Church. (The fat cherubs had always annoyed me.) I even despise the color blue because it reminds me of my old Catholic school uniforms. In fact, because I am highly aware that I need to move past my animosity toward the color blue, I created an entire board on my Pinterest devoted to Blue-Green. (Yes, blue-green. Okay, okay, it’s a process!)

Janet said these goddesses want to be on my “mantle”, alongside my Gaelic & Vedic pantheon. And AA Michael gently taunted me that if I wanted to see what the AA’s could do, all I had to do was ask to see what they could help with on my behalf.

She also confirmed that my DM is my TF – this is the third time I’ve had him confirmed, just so I had even more backup when doubts start to creep up. (But the dream I had when I was 19 was really all I ever needed in that regard.) She also told me which ArchAngels watch over my union with my DM, so that I could call on them specifically when I needed to, along with AA Michael.

I also asked about sex & sexual healing being a part of my soul mission, and she confirmed that as well. We even talked about my intactivism & why I’m a proponent for men’s foreskin. Any lingering fear of my family seeing my sex-oriented posts needs to be resolved. I’ve known that I needed to fully embrace being a Tantrika & sexual spirit healer, but there’s still a part of me that is a Southern girl feeling pressured to be demure & ladylike (such social conditioning!)

Janet mentioned that she saw me writing a few books, which was good since I have 3 books in the works. She also said my DM’s Higher Self is one of my biggest supporters & that he is very proud of me. This made me cry – & I mean, cry like an Oprah, big ugly-cry.

This session held so much confirmation & wisdom that I was overwhelmed. I took Janet’s words to heart, & I have re-watched the video of our Skype session several times since…. Which brings me to last night….

Last night, while working on various Twin Flame stuff & updating my website, I had severe “pain” in my Crown that felt like a vice-grip squeezing the top of my head. Then I suddenly burst into tears, & I got hit with just how much I love my DM – the full expansiveness of my love for him.

I then felt a vice-grip on my heart, but my heart was expanding, too. Then my shoulder blades started hurting as I felt my infinite love for him. (More on the shoulder blades pain in another post.)

As I was getting ready for bed, I sat in my bed with my eyes closed. The lamp was on, so it was a fiery kind of “color” I saw with my eyes closed. I was thinking of the goddesses who want to be on my “mantle”, & I was thinking of the ArchAngels (by name) – calling on angels is totally new territory for me.

I placed my hands over my closed eyes to darken my “field of vision”. Instead of blackness, I saw a brilliant blue, round energy field that was radiating waves of blue energy outward. Through these waves, I saw stars. I was “flying” through the cosmos of stars, but the stars seemed ordered or patterned, like the dots on a grid. (I would like to state for the record that I have never done drugs, not even pot. I don’t drink alcohol – I don’t even drink coffee or tea.)

I burst into tears again as I talked with AA Michael & said a hello to all the others on my Spirit Team. This blue energy-field vision lasted several minutes, & I thoroughly enjoyed flying across the cosmos in my mind’s eye while basking in AA Michael’s blue fire. I’ve only ever flown through the cosmos in dreams or during orgasm. This was out-of-this-world amazing. Literally.

Fast forward to today. My first notification on my phone this morning was that a pic of mine on IG had been liked by someone named “Ma’at”. And while typing a letter to a friend, I had typed the word “vast” as “bast” – the other name for Bastet. And since we’re headlong into the Venus Retrograde (& I’m a Libra!), Venus’ Greek counterpart Aphrodite is absolutely lending a divine hand to my Twin Flame journey.

Clearly, these powerful goddesses & the ArchAngels are speaking to me now that I’ve given them room on my mantle. Or they have always been speaking to me, & I’m just now allowing myself to hear them.




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