Dream: My MerKaBa & Me

October 6, 2018

NOTE: I am in Las Vegas. Venus went retrograde yesterday. Today, I noticed my DM had started looking at my posts on SnapChat again….. While still awake, I had a lot of rapid 3rd eye activity. Purple mists, shapes, silhouettes, etc. I fell asleep some time thereafter.


(I only remember the last part of this dream.) I was in observer mode, watching the cosmos. Suddenly I saw myself inside a MerKaBa with both pyramids spinning. I wasn’t human / me; I was a groovy hologramic, celestial me. I was more of an etheric body. I had facial features similar to my own; I was just a translucent purple. With no hair. The MerKaBa was also this celestial, purplish, transparent kind of color. It / I zoomed past me / observer in an arc & went off somewhere to the left of my field of vision. Never had a dream like that. Was very cool. Does this mean I can fly now?




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