DREAM: Being with My Soul Tribe & More Third Eye Light Language & Kaleidoscope Patterns

December 21, 2018

I dreamt I was with Phil Good at a park. We were wearing gray baseball raglans & trying to catch up to our team, who were also wearing raglans — some w/ blue sleeves, some w/ red sleeves.

I noticed my left pinky was swollen & hurt. Suddenly, my legs came out from under me, & I landed on my back. I woke up, hearing myself actually saying, “Ohh!!”

I kept my eyes closed, & thousands of letters & numbers in long, winding strings flashed across my 3rd eye. I stared in amazement. They weren’t letters or words I am familiar with, but I sensed they were light language. It kept flashing like a strobe, purplish letters moving & winding their way across my field of “vision”. Then a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns swirled around & around. Many kaleidoscopes. I was sad when it ended.




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