Press Release Shows doTERRA Tests Its Essential Oils on Human Foreskin Fibroblasts

Popular oil company, doTERRA Essential Oils, released documents to promote 10 oils for the holidays only to get bombarded with negative feedback from intactivists. Not only did doTERRA reps try to salvage their reputation on Facebook yesterday – blocking me in the process, but now, their website is not working. Coincidence? I think not.

No worries, though. I took screenshots.

The holiday press release revealed doTERRA had tested 10 essential oils on Human Foreskin Fibroblasts, a.k.a HFF. For these types of lab tests, HFF is usually obtained from an organization that sells baby boys’ foreskins, stem cells, and/or fibroblasts to companies and universities for research as well as the development of products. If you read my Stem Cells 101 & Penis Facial article, then you are familiar with the slick lingo companies use to cover up their use of baby foreskin in products and testing.

When word got out about doTERRA Essential Oils, I made a simple comment on their Facebook page, to which a paid lackey responded with a milquetoast reply that completely evaded the point-at-hand.

When I went back to their page today, not only has my comment been removed from their post, but I am now blocked from commenting on their page. To top it off, my commenting on their page is not even listed in my Activity Log on my own Facebook profile. I should not be surprised considering Facebook is notorious for deleting or otherwise hindering intactivists’ posts and comments.

DoTERRA’s own blog boasted of its use of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts in its studies, but as of today, their website is not working. I tried accessing the doTERRA website on my phone and on my laptop; I even asked a friend to go to their site, to no avail. Again, I already took screenshots.

If doTERRA has nothing to be ashamed of, why is their site down during the busiest shopping time of the year, especially when it was working just fine until they released that post about testing their oils on foreskin tissues?

Companies such as doTERRA obtain human foreskin fibroblasts from scientific research organizations that profit greatly from the re-selling of neonatal foreskins that the baby boys never consented to having amputated from their bodies. (The medical ethics’ and human rights’ violations encapsulated in that previous sentence is mind-boggling.)

For now, doTERRA just may be learning the error of its ways. The fact that doTERRA is deleting intactivists’ comments, blocking us from commenting on their page, and taking down their website is proof positive that intactivism WORKS. Speaking up and speaking out WORKS. We don’t need to yell or get mean, just show up and speak up.

Keep it up, intactivists! We ARE making headway!




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