AskTRISH: Woman Who Thinks Foreskin Is Ugly & Inconvenient Asks About the Hygiene of the Uncircumcised Penis

NOTE: This question came to me from a friend via text message on 12-09-18. She wishes to remain Anonymous, & I am respecting that. I am posting my response to her, which was exactly as I am copying it here now. (Yes, I actually typed all that with my thumbs on my phone!) What I really want you to pay attention to is her follow-up response, which was unexpected. And yet, it is follow-up responses such as this that remind me why I do what I do. I gave her documentable facts with lots of keywords that she could Google later if she wanted. I did not resort to name-calling or yelling — there was no bullying or histrionics. Just the facts, ma’am, which is the hallmark of the Foreskin Faery & my brand of intactivism. THIS is how we create change in our cutting culture.


I have to ask…. You talk about foreskin a lot. I know circumcision is brutal, but isn’t it healthier as far as keeping it clean? My son is circumcised. I actually dated one guy that wasn’t circumcised, and to me, it was an inconvenience. It’s also pretty ugly. I don’t think I could be with an uncircumcised man. It just looks horrible, but that’s my opinion.


Nope. Circumcision is NOT healthier OR normal.

All male mammals are born with foreskin, so clearly, it’s there for a reason. Only humans in the past 125 years have been cutting off male foreskin for the pseudoscience myth of hygiene — a myth started by Dr. Kellogg (of cereal fame) who thought sex was dirty & was a fan of eugenics.

The foreskin is a self-cleaning organ like the vagina, but we don’t cut out the vagina or labia on girls in America. Most people are horrified by Female Genital Cutting on non-consenting minor girls, but don’t question Male Genital Cutting on non-consenting boys. The human rights violation of circumcision on minors is what drives my intactivism. If a male wants to get rid of his foreskin, he can choose to cut it off when he’s 18+. As a woman, I will not allow someone to make choices about my body; and I hold the same respect for males & the same rights to body autonomy & self-determination that I demand for myself.

In boys, the foreskin is attached to the glans on purpose, & it protects the urethral opening & the glans from the acidity of urine. In adult males (after the foreskin has separated from the glans), the foreskin keeps the glans moist with fresh smegma because the glans is an INTERNAL organ — that’s why it’s designed to be inside the foreskin. Also, the foreskin contains 20,000+ fine-touch nerve endings that bring the man incredible pleasure that cut men will never experience with their scarred & keratinized penis.

I don’t know how the foreskin is an “inconvenience” since its function on adult males is primarily sexual pleasure for the man AND his partner. A cut penis pulls vaginal fluid out of the vagina, which [is] why so many women need lube for sex. When moving inward, the foreskin tucks in behind the coronal edge which allows the woman’s natural vaginal lubricant to stay inside & facilitate movement of [both] the man & the woman. Also, intact men rock their hips differently than cut men who tend to need long thrusts. Oral sex & hand sex are infinitely easier on an intact man than on a cut man. An intact man’s glans is velvety smooth & silky & juicy. I can attest to this.

Looking at the bigger picture, medical circumcision of boys is unheard of in the rest of the world. In the U.S., amputating boys’ foreskin is big business for the medical industry that profits from the sale of foreskin to cosmetic companies & biotech labs. Then there’s the money made by lube companies & dildo/sex toy companies because 75% of American women get dry & have never orgasmed during sex. (77% American men are cut. I see a correlation.)

Lots of money is being made off of circumcision, so of course, lies about foreskin will proliferate, even though men everywhere else in the world live with their foreskin just fine.

Always follow the money.


I didn’t know that’s why I asked…. If I’m ever able to have a son with my DM, this is something I would definitely love to discuss with him. Thank you. 

YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! ~ trish




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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your response was scientifically and medically accurate, and exactly perfect in tone. I’m the proud mom of an intact (not circumcised) son and your blog lists many of the reasons why.We need more people spreading the truth about this.