DREAMS: The Vatican, Trump Shooting a Woman, Wedding Dress, & Another Death Dream

December 13, 2018


Last night, I dreamt I was outside the Vatican while a very important meeting was happening inside, & lots of people had gathered outside to await whatever was being discussed or decided. *Note: I was raised Catholic & always wanted to be part of the Catholic Church’s demise.*……

In a separate dream, I was steaming a big wedding dress. (Not my style, but it felt like it was mine.) And there was a big cake. And there was a man there that felt like my DM, but I couldn’t see his face clearly……

Night before last, I had another driving dream where I skidded across the median & into the opposing side of traffic (3 lanes but no cars coming toward me). My car slid up an embankment & went airborne. I thought, “I am energy, I am energy.” Just as my car was about to come back down, the dream ended……

Night before that, I dreamt that Trump held a gun to a woman’s abdomen – the gun was under a coat over his arm, and he shot her. She had dark-brown/black hair & wore black-rimmed glasses & a blue satin blouse with black slacks. The bullets passed through her as energy, & I could see the “ripples” of energy behind her. She was fine; & yet, I couldn’t help but think back to the presidential campaign when he said he could shoot a person on 5th Avenue & still get elected. He is so vile……

I DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS. WHY AM I DREAMING OF 3D STUFF LIKE THE VATICAN & TRUMP?! And why am I having another driving dream that ends in almost certain death?! I have a clean driving record, I swear! Argh……




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