Dream: Being a Spiritual First Responder

September 22, 2018


Last night, I dreamt about being with a task force of emergency responders as mountains of forests were catching fire. In the sky was a wave of something — it was pinkish lavender, coming towards us, covering the entire expanse of the sky. They didn’t see it, but I did. I wasn’t scared, though. Almost felt like I’d been expecting it.


The pinkish lavender wave is part of the waves of energy, i.e., the Rainbow Wave, coming in to help raise the vibration of Gaia (Earth). Most people are not awake yet, but as a Twin Flame/Lightworker, I can see & sense things they cannot. I am a spiritual first responder here to assist those wanting to awaken transition to the 4D energy of the Gaia/Earth and 5D heart-based New Earth.